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Harry and I slipped back into the crowd downstairs right as my parents were making a toast. I went to stand by Jamie who gave me a suspicious look, Harry a bit away from me to look as though we hadn't just snuck back in from having sex.

"Where were you?" Jamie leaned in to whisper in my ear.

"Upstairs. Did they notice?"

"Your mom asked where you were and I said in the bathroom."


"You smell like his cologne."

"Shut up."

I looked back at my parents who were standing by the tree, everyone else gathered in a half circle around them, Mila in my dads arms.

"Emma." My moms eyes landed on me, and she smiled and waved me forward, so I moved through the crowd to join them.

"Well, I know that this year has been filled with trials and tribulations, and for my first year in office i've been shot at more times than any other president." My dad began his toast with a laugh. "But I am so happy to be standing in front of you today with my family, all of us healthy and well, and ready to take on these next three years with pride. Thank you all for the wonderful work you've done this year, and here's to many more. Merry Christmas everyone!"

He raised his glass in the air, and so did everyone else.

"Merry Christmas!" Everyone else said back to him.

The party died down at this point, and as people began to leave I had to tell them goodbye and thank them for celebrating with us.

When I walked back into the living room after the last guest left I saw Mila asleep on one of the couches.

My mom carried Mila up to bed, the rest of us staying downstairs to enjoy the christmas decorations. Jamie sat between Harry and I to make things less suspicious in case my parents suspected something.

When my mom came back downstairs she sat next to my dad and looked at him, my dad nodding at her.

"So we have something to tell you guys." My dad said and we all looked at them.

"We've been talking with Gran and Lisa, and due to all of the circumstances surrounding these last few months and Grans hip injury, we have come to the decision that Mila is going to move into the White House with us after the new year." My mom said.

"That's great!" We all smiled.

"I'm going to scale back on some of my duties so I can be with her and get her settled into her new home life, and we have found a new montessori school for her to go to." My mom added. "But the reason we're telling you now is because we are going to tell Mila on Christmas morning."

"I think that will be so sweet." I smiled. "She's going to be so excited."

"So one of her gifts is a picture of the White House, and when she opens it we're going to explain it to her."

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