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Monday morning was silent as I got ready alone.

Harry and I picked up our routine of him getting up after me since it took longer for me to get ready.

I had coffee and some toast for breakfast, sitting next to Harry who was drinking his coffee.

"We're out of bagels." He mumbled as he poured himself another cup of coffee.


"I wanted a bagel for breakfast and we're out."

"Okay?" I glanced at him in confusion. "Are we not going to the grocery store later?"

"We are. I just don't have anything to eat."

"Oh my God. Harry just get a bagel from Starbucks on our way to class, it's not that difficult."

He shot me a glare.

"I like Mila better than I like you."

I rolled my eyes as he walked to his bedroom to get his satchel.

When he came out he tucked his gun in the waist band of his jeans before slinging the bag over his shoulder.

We left the apartment, girls hanging around the stairs like always as we left. Of course they drooled over Harry but I just rolled my eyes.

Ironically it was Harry who had us stop at Starbucks so he could get himself a damn bagel before we continued to world lit.

We had an exam today that I had studied for last night and I felt ready.

We sat down at our seats and I took out a scantron and a pencil, ready to go.

Harry took out his bagel and I watched as he spread cream cheese on it and then took a bite.

"Could you stop staring, princess, it's annoying." He said after he finished chewing.

"Sure, but you won't have anyone to tell you that you have cream cheese on your face."

He glared at me before wiping off his mouth.

I chuckled to myself, looking back at my test review sheet.

"Oh God." Harry then groaned as the same girl Ashley sat next to him.

He moved his bagel more towards my direction and then put one arm up so he could lean his head on it and look my direction.

"What?" I laughed as he made a face.

"Her perfume makes me want to rip off my nose."

I chuckled at this.

She then tapped him on the shoulder and his eyes went wide before he turned around to look at her.

"Do you have an extra scantron?" She asked him, batting her eyelashes.

"Do I look like the bookstore?" He popped back and I winced. He was too rude with people.

She scoffed before turning away.

"You didn't have to be so rude." I whispered but all I received from him was a shrug.

"I'm hoping if i'm mean enough she'll stop sitting here and i'll be able to breathe again."

Taking my exam was awkward because of Harry munching on his breakfast next to me and he was the only person not taking the exam which made everyone look at him in confusion.

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