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happy update!

i'm loving the fact that i don't have to worry about writing papers and can just free write on my stories as I please :)

what's your favourite part of summer holiday?

be ready for some reminiscing in this chapter ;)


"Wemmy Wemmy Wemmy! It's time to go!"

I looked up from my laptop where I was finishing up my essay, Harry and Mila walking into the office my father had set aside for me in the White House to use as a study.

"Yes, someone is very excited for their first horseback riding lesson today." Harry said as he walked in. "She about tackled me when I picked her up from montessori school." He smiled.

"I'm excited to take you for your first lesson." I smiled at Mila as she climbed up onto my lap.

"How's your homework coming?" Harry asked as he leaned against the door frame.

"Good. I'm almost done. I'll finish it up tonight when we get back." I said. "But for now, I think there are some horses calling our name."

Mila laughed at this and I picked her up, carrying her in my arms as we left the White House.

It was a long way to go so we could get to the stables at our country club at home where our private stables were, so Harry and I would be taking Mila to stables in the next county over so that we had more time to spend there.

When we arrived Mila jumped out of the car when Harry opened her door and we had to have a talk with her about slowing down and being on her best behavior.

She held my hand as we went to check in with the stable owner and who went to take us to the pony Mila would be learning to ride on.

I thanked her before leading Mila into the stable to see her pony.

I got to the stall I needed and behind the gate could see the brown American Sport Pony that Mila would be training with.

"Mila, this is Tony." I crouched down and let the pony sniff my hand before petting him.

"Hi, Tony." Mila smiled. "I'm Mila Elizabeth Winston."

Harry chuckled at this.

"Okay, so the first thing you need to do is let Tony get to know you. So let him sniff your hand and then pet him." I told Mila and she reached out her hand for Tony to sniff.

Once Tony and Mila seemed comfortable with each other, I opened the gate to Tony's stall.

"Okay, now while I get Tony saddled up and ready to go, Harry's going to help you put on your helmet and boots." I told Mila.

Harry took Mila over to where the wall that had the boots and helmets on it and helped Mila get ready, and I looked around the corner to see Harry helping Mila put on her boots, him crouched down in front of her so she could place her hands on his shoulders to not fall over.

As I was finishing up Tony's saddle Mila came running back to me with Harry following behind her.

"Wemmy why do I have to wear a helmet?" She asked me.

"So if you fall you won't hurt your head." I told her.

"Oh." She replied.

"Okay, now I want you to take the reigns in your hand, and slowly walk Tony outside." I said and handed her the reigns.

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