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happy update!

alright everyone, i'm leaving for vacation next week, so i won't be able to update, but i hope this will be able to get you by until i'm able to update once i'm back!

and who knows, i might surprise you with another update this weekend as a special treat ;)

anyways, i hope you enjoy the chapter!

Harry had been discharged from the hospital a few days after we had gotten approval from my parents to be a couple.

He hadn't left the hospital since we had been admitted, and he had planned to leave to go grab a few things from his apartment, but the press mob outside was insane and so he decided against it and my mom had one of her assistants go buy Harry some clothes and bring them to the hospital.

My dad had gone back to the White House because he had to, but my mom stayed with me while Jamie went back to school and Gran took Mila again since the little munchkin had to go to school.

So now it was just me in the hospital, waiting to be cleared.

My bruises had cleared up and my cuts were close to being fully healed, but my arm was still casted.

One weekend, Jamie had come up to visit me and my mom was sitting in my room too, but Harry had left to go call his boss at the mechanics shop to say he wouldn't be coming in for awhile.

Over the past few days I could see in Harry's eyes that he was thinking about how I had run away from school, and I knew he was ready to start lecturing me any minute.

So as I was propped up in my hospital bed, my mom sitting on the bench beneath the window, Jamie in the chair on the other side of the room, the door opened and Harry walked in again.

My heart skipped a beat in my chest as I looked at him, his suit back on and his hair styled like normal.

His eyes then looked at mine with an intense stare.

He was pissed at me. It was lecture time.

I looked at my mom.

"Um, would you mind letting Harry and I have a moment alone?" I asked her and she nodded, making her way out of the room.

Jamie just sat in his chair and began to laugh.

"Jamie. Out." I glared at him.

"Oh no. I wanna see this." He grinned.


He stood up and began to leave.

"Someone's gonna get it." He sang as he left, the door closing behind him.

Harry and I looked back at each other and he raised his eyebrows.

I bit my lip.

"Okay. Start yelling." I said in a small voice and he took a breath before starting in.

"Emma Taylor Winston what the HELL were you thinking?! Leaving campus like that?! ALONE! And how could you ever believe that I would text you from an unknown number and put your safety at risk like that?! I would never! And then after I specifically told you to focus on school and not us, you starve yourself and make yourself sick to the point where you can barely stand and I have to find out from our therapist?!"

He yelled at me and I winced at his last comment.

"And then you sneak out of the apartment and take a cab- BY YOURSELF- to dc and go right into their trap! Did you not learn the first time you snuck away?! And then, when I told you to run and get out of there so I could get rid of Daniel, you disobey me- AGAIN- and risk your life for mine! Don't you ever do that, Emma! I risk my life for you! Not the other way around!"

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