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I'm so sorry about all of the confusion with this chapter update! Wattpad decided to undergo maintenance right when i updated so not everyone was seeing the update and comments were turned off for all of you. So i took it down and tried again but the same thing. So i took it down so that hopefully overnight the site would get its shit together.

I was going to wait till tonight to upload again but I know you all want the update so here you go!

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anyways, I hope you enjoy this emotionally tumultuous chapter ;)

"Did they take anything? How bad is it?" I asked Harry while my dad stepped forward.

"They came through the vent and dropped through the ceiling. But they opened a window to get out and it set off the alarm." Harry said. "I don't know if they took anything of value. They're searching it for explosives and devices but once it's clear we will have to go take an inventory of our things."

"And of course they didn't catch him, did they." I sighed.

"We weren't there. Security was low."

"When do we need to go?" I asked him.

"They're doing an extensive search, so tomorrow afternoon at the earliest." He said and I nodded, thanking God that we had not been there when they had broken in."

"This is insanity." My dad shook his head. "They need to leave you alone."

Harry went upstairs to talk to campus security, and I went to the lounge to watch some tv.

As I watched a re-run of Parks and Rec I heard what sounded like a scraping sound on the window beside me.

My heart stopped in my chest, and my breath hitched in my throat before I dared to look out of the corner of my eye to see movement in the dark of the night.

I jumped up and ran out of the room and down the hall to Harry's room.

"There's someone outside on the roof!" I exclaimed when I burst into his room, and he looked up at me with furrowed brows before standing up, grabbing his gun from his nightstand.

"There was a scratching noise on the window and I saw someone out there." I said as he walked down the hall, everyone coming to see what was going on.

"Stay here." Harry held up a hand to us when we got to the lounge and I watched with baited breath as he pulled back the slide on his gun as he approached the window.

He moved back the curtain to look outside and then opened it, moving back as something fell down onto the roof outside.

I screamed and stumbled back into Jamie who caught me.

"Relax!" Harry said as he turned around. "It's a tree branch."

"Emma you scared the hell out of me." My dad sighed as he shook his head.

I bit my lip as everyone walked away and Harry shut the window.

He then gave me a "seriously?" look as he walked out of the room, unloading his gun.

The next morning Harry and I got ready to go to the apartment. It was officially cleared at around 1:00, so we boarded the plane that took us back to New Hampshire.

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