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happy update!

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i think it's weird that i'm so close with you all. it i feel like you all don't know a lot about me! so here are a few facts: i literally thrive and exist on coffee, i love makeup and skincare and my friends consider me an expert haha and i love interior design as well!

so ask me some questions about me (lol that sounds weird) here and i will answer them all!

are you ready to find out about Harry?

well, keep reading and enjoy ;)

Harry's PoV:

Dim light hit my eyes as I fluttered my eyelids.

My body felt heavy, my throat dry, scratchy and uncomfortable.

I wanted to clear my throat but I couldn't, and instead, opened my eyes more.

Through my blurry vision and dizziness, I tried to study my surroundings.

I was in a hospital room by the looks of it, but the dark spot that was in front of my eyes when I looked to my left confused me.

I stared at it until it came into focus.


This was the most vivid dream I had experienced yet.

Most of my dreams of her were flashbacks of the past or of things I wished could happen, like seeing her again, but this dream...she was so real.

Emma was sleeping.

I wished she was awake.

She was in a chair, her head leaned back against the wall while she had a white blanket pulled over her.

But she also looked...different.

Her hair, it had lighter strands in it, and wispy bangs covered her forehead. I had imagined her hair like this in my previous dream.

She also was not wearing makeup...she always wore it.

Why was I dreaming about her like this?

A noise was heard to my right and I turned my head slightly to see a woman in scrubs walk into my room.

"Good to see you're awake, Sir." She smiled.

She had an accent...German.

"Too bad Miss Winston is not awake to see you up for the first time."

I followed her with my eyes as she stepped closer to me.

"I just need to check your vitals." She then said. "Do you want some water?"

I nodded my head before she went to get one, a straw in the cup.

I drank the water.

It felt so real as it washed down my throat.

I tried clearing my throat, it worked.

When I finished the water, she finished doing her vitals check before leaving.

The sound of the sliding door made the girl of my dreams move in the chair.

She whimpered before moving her hand up to push her hair out of her face.

Emma then opened her eyes and I met her gaze, smiling at her.

"Harry." She whispered before her eyes went wide. "Harry!" She jumped up and came over to me, taking my face in her hands.

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