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Friday morning I was waiting for my toast to pop out of the toaster when I felt two arms wind around my waist and a head rest on my shoulder.

"Good morning." Harry's gruff morning voice rasped in my ear.

"Good morning." I turned my head to the side and kissed his cheek.

"I have a favour to ask of you." He murmured. "They have results for the handwriting analysis, and I have to go to D.C. so I was hoping you would come with me."

"Am I allowed to?"

"I will drop you off at the White House and then join you when i'm done with the investigators. I just don't want to have to find a replacement for tonight."


He kissed my cheek before letting me go and making his own breakfast.

After my classes that day I had to pack really quickly before Harry drove us to the air base so we could get on the flight.

"So do they know who did it?" I asked him as we sat across from each other on the plane.

"I'm assuming. All I was told was that there were results and I needed to be there to see them."

I nodded.

"Do you think you know who it is?"

"I have suspicions." He shrugged.

"Who do you think?"

"I can't say."

When the plane landed we were driven to the White House where Harry and I parted ways.

Another agent escorted me to my fathers office.

When I entered his assistants office, Nancy smiled at me.

"Hello, Emma. I didn't know you were visiting today."

"I just wanted to surprise my dad, is he there?"

"He's in a cabinet meeting right now but I believe your mother is in her office."

"Okay. Thanks, Nancy."

I then made my way to my moms office, finding her sitting at her computer, reading something.

"Knock, knock."

My mom looked up at me, her face one of surprise.

"Emmy! What are you doing here?"

"Harry had something with the FBI so I tagged along."

"Oh how wonderful! Well I have a few things to get done but when i'm finished i'll come get you and we can go out on the town."

"Okay." I smiled. "I'll be in my room."

In my room I decided to go take a shower and then re do my hair and makeup, changing clothes so I would look more presentable when I went out into the city with my mom.

I was finished getting ready and was waiting for my mom when I received a text from Harry.

From Harry:

Oval office. Now.


I frowned at how curt his text was and got out of my bed, making my way down to the Oval Office like instructed.

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