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Soft sunlight coming from behind me and reflecting off the mirror hit my eyes and I fluttered them open, my eyes landing on my reflection and making me gasp.

I felt the hard yet soft surface beneath my cheek, and then saw with my eyes that my head was rested on Harry's arm while he was fast asleep next to me.

His cheek was resting on the top of my head, and my arm was wrapped around his stomach, effectively making it out to be that I was hugging him.

But what really gave me a heart attack was that Harry had his hand on my knee.

He moved his head and I watched as he closed his eyes even tighter, his hand sliding up to my thigh.

Oh my God, how the hell was I going to get out of this.

He sighed in his sleep, and I slowly retracted my hand from his side, gently moving it over his waist.

Once my arm was off him my next objective was to get his hand off my knee and get free.

I carefully took my head off his arm and then in one quick motion slid off the bed.

Harry woke up at this, and I looked back to see
him open his eyes.

When he realised where he was he sat up, making eye contact with me. I looked away in shame before hearing him suck in a breath, getting off my bed and storming out of my room.

I couldn't believe I had fallen asleep with him.

His door slammed shut and I winced.


I hid in my room until I gathered enough courage to leave to go shower, and stepped out to walk to the bathroom at the same moment Harry opened his door.

"Oh, go ahead." I whispered, keeping my eyes on the floor.

"No, you go." He said.

"No you can-"

"Emma." He barked. "Go."

I nodded before skirting into the bathroom, closing the door behind me.

My shower consisted of hot water, a few tears, and then a walk of shame back to my room.

I heard Harry go into the shower, and I took that moment to go into the kitchen to get breakfast.

I made coffee and then made some toast to eat.

I was chewing my last bite when I heard the water turn off and I hurried to rush back to my room, but to my luck the moment I passed the bathroom door Harry stepped out, allowing me to catch a glimpse of his shirtless torso.

I didn't mean for it to but a squeak of surprise left my mouth as I fled to my room. Oh my God that man had abs like Adonis.

Last night with Harry had been so good. We had an actual conversation that wasn't full of screaming and shoving.

Him bringing me ice cream had been sweet, the whole night had been sweet, but this morning had ruined it all. How could we have fallen asleep?

I heard a buzz from my phone and went over to check it to see a text from Travis.


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