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The sound of my phone ringing woke me up on Saturday morning, causing me to whine as I rolled over to answer it.

"What?" I breathed into the phone.

"Well hello to you too, Emmy." I heard my father chuckle.

"Oh. Sorry."

"I'm guessing you were asleep."


"Well i'm working on a surprise birthday party for your mom. Do you think you could fly up today and help me out?"

"Aw. Sure."

"Great! I'll see you in a bit!"

I whined before dragging myself out of bed and to the bathroom.

I showered and fixed my hair before going to knock on Harry's door.

After a few minutes he opened it.

"What?" He yawned.

"Get ready we're going to Washington."

"Why?" He squinted, the lights in the hall bright.

"My dad needs my help with planning a party for my mom."

He yawned again before going to the bathroom to shower.

The two of us slowly got ready and Harry did his job of alerting security, the car drivers, and the plane, before we left.

When we arrived at the plane Harry escorted me up and then we took seats on separate couches.

Harry and I kept giving each other smirking looks until we were airborne and I made sure the door to the cockpit was closed, before moving over to Harry's sofa.

"What are you doing?" He looked at me oddly.

"Sitting next to you?" I laughed in confusion.

"You know that there's cameras in here. You need to move back to your side."


He nodded.

I scoffed before moving back over.

I watched him take out his phone and a few moments later my own phone buzzed.

I took it from my bag to see he had texted me.

From: Harry

We're being watched over the camera right now.



From: Harry

The cameras on the plane are being watched by gov officials for your protection. So while we are on the plane we can not act like we do at the apartment.


This sucks.

From: Harry

Sorry, Princess. If it's any consolation I quite enjoy it when you sit next to me.


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