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On Monday morning the only reason I wanted to go to class was to see Travis. If it weren't for him I would've skipped class that day.

When I had woken up I had a missed call and a text from Jamie telling me that he had been on the shower when I called and to call him back.

I still hadn't heard anything from my parents and I wasn't expecting a call back from Gran, she wasn't one to call back.

I put my phone on the charger and left my room to go take a shower but was surprised to see Harry coming out of the bathroom. He always was up after me.

"I saved you some hot-"

I closed the bathroom door on him.

"Water." I heard him finish his sentence.

I took my shower and then dried and straightened my hair before going to my room to do my makeup.

Checking the weather report I saw it was going to be raining today, so I wore jeans with a grey tee shirt and then a navy blue rain jacket on top.

I slid on my red rain boots and then exited my room to get breakfast.

Harry was sitting at the bar drinking coffee and looked up when I walked in, watching me.

I poured myself some coffee and then grabbed a banana before going back to my room.

I heard Harry sigh as I left.

On our way to class the sky was cloudy but it wasn't raining yet.

As people began to file into the lecture hall I looked for Travis, and a minute before the professor started talking he came in.

He sat several rows behind me so I didn't get a chance to talk to him until the class was over.

"Travis." I said and then jogged forward to meet him when he stopped. "I've been texting you all weekend."

"I'm so sorry I haven't responded i've been so busy with frat stuff, but I was going to ask if you wanted to study with me tonight?"

I gave him a smile.

"Of course. My place at 8:00?"

"I'll be there." He leaned in to kiss my cheek before saying he'd see me later.

I felt a little better after this.

By the end of my last class I was in a better mood, and had almost forgotten Harry was even following me until he had to unlock the apartment.

"Emma, can we please talk?" Harry asked once the door was closed but I kept walking to my room. "Emma!"

I closed my bedroom door behind me, locking it and dropping my back pack on my bed.

I changed into some cotton shorts and a sweater, and then pulled my hair into a ponytail so i'd look relaxed but cute when Travis arrived.

Cleaning my room was easy since I was pretty clean, I just had to put up my shoes and put away some clothes.

For dinner I had some pasta and pesto and then brushed my teeth before waiting for Travis.

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