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It was under the cover of nightfall that I was moved from the hospital to my on campus apartment while a body double of me was taken to the White House with my parents to make the press and everyone believe that's where I had been moved to recover.

I was still put in a bulletproof vest and a bulletproof helmet, Harry wearing the same as he carried me up the stairs of our dorm building at three in the morning.

Since it was past curfew everyone was in their rooms, so we were safe to walk through the lobby without being seen except by the campus security and federal agents who were scoping everything out to make sure we were safe.

When we got to our apartment an agent opened the door silently and Harry carried me inside and back to my room.

I winced when he set me down even though he tried his best not to jostle me too much.

He then took off the vest and helmet and tossed them to another agent before doing the same with his gear.

We had come through the back of the building so we wouldn't be seen, but in case we were being watching agents took two big black suitcases out the front to make it look like they were just getting my things.

Once everyone left Harry came back to me and slid off my shoes before picking me up in one arm and flipping back my blankets and then laying me down again.

He covered me up as I shivered and then left my room before coming back in with a cup of tea.

"How are you feeling?" He asked me and I took a sip of my tea before speaking.

"My side is killing me."

"It's going to for awhile. I need to check your stitches."

It was amusing to watch Harry play doctor while he turned me on my side and carefully lifted off my bandage before making sure my stitches hadn't torn while he carried me.

He then changed my bandage before covering me up with another blanket.

"Are you going to stay in here with me?" I asked him.

"I don't want to move you in your sleep and hurt you." He said.

"I know but I'm scared to sleep alone."

"Princess." He sighed but I whined just enough to get him to cave before he left to go change and then came back in sweats and a tee shirt.

He set his phone, pager and gun on my nightstand before getting in the bed with me.

I turned on my good side and he put his arms around me. Before when he had done that it felt like it was for comfort, but now it felt like protection.

"Tomorrow some people are going to come talk to us about what they've found on the RR."

Since the day of the tv takeover in the hospital, all we had been able to find about the RR was that it stood for the Red Regime and they were a homegrown terrorist organisation.

But we didn't know what they had against my dad, and why they wanted to hurt me to get to him.

"Okay." I said quietly and he touched his nose to my shoulder. "So now what do we do? Just hide out in here until these people go away?"

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