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I awoke to the sound of my alarm at 6:00.

I turned it off before stumbling out of my bed and across my room, opening my bedroom door and making my way to the bathroom.

I squinted as I turned on the lights and then turned on the shower.

Closing the door I locked it before stripping down and stepping underneath the water.

This woke me up.

I went for my shampoo on the shelf in the bathroom and began to wash my hair. Once done I conditioned it and then shaved and used body wash to ensure my skin was clean and smelled of strawberries.

Once I was done with the shower I got out and dried off before tying the towel around me as I used my hair dryer to dry my hair.

I then slipped back into my bedroom to dress in a grey flared skirt and tucked in a loose white tank top. I then made my way back to the bathroom where I plugged in my curling iron.

While it got hot I brushed my teeth and then wiped my face on the towel.

I then started on curling my hair into soft yet elegant curls.

Once done I unplugged the iron and put it away before heading to my room where I turned on my makeup mirror and sat down, beginning the process.

As I started on my makeup I heard Harry's door open and from my mirror I saw him walk into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Once my makeup was complete I made my way to the kitchen to make myself some coffee and then pulled out the cupcakes from last night.

I got out some frosting I had bought and then iced the cupcakes before putting sprinkles on them and setting them on a new tray.

I then turned on the television before making myself a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

A few minutes later Harry walked into the kitchen in jeans and a long sleeved grey tee. His hair was wet and a few strands were loose, dangling in front of his eyes.

"Good morning." I mumbled, trying to be polite but it was so hard.

"Oh. Yeah." He replied, his morning voice even raspier than his normal voice.

He made himself some coffee and cereal as well. He sat down next to me before taking a bite.

After yesterday I felt like I needed to make more of an effort to talk to him.

"Can I ask you a question?" I spoke and he continued to eat but pulled his gun out from behind him from where it was tucked beneath his shirt and set it on the counter.

I froze.

This obviously meant no.

I quickly moved away from him and poured my cereal down the sink and shoved my bowl in the dishwasher before practically running back to my room.

When I was there I slipped on a light pink sweater before going to put my laptop, notebook, and a pen in my new brown leather back pack.

I checked myself over in the mirror before hesitantly waking to the front room. Harry washed his bowl out in the sink and then walked back to his room.

He came back a minute later with a black satchel slung over his shoulder.

I grabbed the tray of cupcakes before Harry opened the door and held it open for me as I walked out.

There was a table near the door to our hall underneath a white board with announcements, and I placed the tray down along with a hand written note that read 'Hope you have a "sweet" first day of classes! Have a cupcake! - Emma W'

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