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A/N: This is one of my first fanfics so I don't know know how well this will go, but I'll stick with it till the end. Hope you all enjoy :)

"Don't get into any more trouble while you're in there, kiddo." My dad stopped the car outside my school. Old school actually.

"It wasn't my fault," I told him. I should explain what happened, I got into a fight. I had somehow annoyed one of the popular kids, and we got into a fight.

On the bright side, I won.

My dad had to speak to the principal, and was basically told it wasn't a good idea for me to stay in the school. I hated it there anyway.

"I'll wait here while you get your stuff." I got out of the car, and walked into the school, ignoring the stares from everyone round me.

I passed the girl I fought, on the way to my locker. She had a black eye, and she so deserved it.

I opened my locker, and grabbed my stuff.

I walked back out of school, past all the people staring and muttering.

My science teacher passed me and said "good luck Stark."

Guess I forgot to mention this, my dad's Tony Stark. You know the one, the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.

I headed back to my car, and put all my stuff in the back seat. I jumped in the passenger seat, and turned and asked "can we get coffee?"


We both got out the car, and walked over to the coffee shop. There was a long queue.

"I'll go in, you wait here, usual?" I nodded, and my dad went to line up.

I've always hated crowded places like that.

Leaning against the wall, I pulled out my phone. I was like that for a while, till I heard arguing in the alley next to me.

This probably wasn't a great thing to do, but I had to go and see what was happening.

There was a masked person, with a knife, threatening a guy. The guy was pulling money out of his pocket.

I'm not a superhero, I know that, but I was going to help this guy anyway.

"Excuse me." Of course Y/N, that is exactly how you confront a criminal.

They both turned to look at me, and I could see how scared the guy was. Most people would be in this sort of situation.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." I was walking further into the alleyway. Honestly, I was such an idiot, walking into danger.

The masked criminal turned and growled at me. "Or what? As if you could do anything."

"Don't underestimate me." I turned towards the guy, and told him "take your stuff, and go."

The guy ran out of the alley. The criminal held his knife up, and hissed "Pass me your valuables, or I'll kill you."

Why would I do that? They won't kill me, I'm a freakin' Stark.

"I'm good, thanks," I answered. "You should put the knife down, you could put someone's eye out."

The criminal growled again. Maybe annoying them isn't the best idea. I really should go and get my dad.

Something dropped down into the back of the alleyway. "Hey dude, leave the lady alone." Spiderman.

He pulled the knife towards him. The criminal ran towards him, and went to punch him in the face, but soon enough, his hand was webbed to the wall.

"Let me go!" He hissed, trying to pull his arm away from the wall.

"Are you alright?" Spiderman asked me.

"Oh yeah, I'm good. I could have handled it, you know."

I heard him chuckle, and then reply, "I'm sure you could have."

My dad walked around the corner at the moment. Could have done with him here a few minutes ago.

"Hey kiddo, got the coffee, how come you're - " He started to ask, before realising Spiderman and the criminal.

"What happened?" He handed me my coffee, and I explained everything that happened.

"I missed a lot then," my dad nodded towards Spiderman and told him, "you did well Underoos."

"Thanks Mr Stark. Is this...is this your daughter?"

"That's me," I answered, "Y/N Stark."

My dad sipped his coffee, and replied "She's not your type, just saying."

I sighed. "Dad, you don't have to be so overprotective."

Dad laughed, and turned back to Spiderman. "You got this covered Spiderboy?"

Spiderman nodded, and replied "And it's Spiderman!"

I laughed, and followed as my dad walked back towards the car.

"Bye Spiderboy, see you around."

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