✲ Chapter 2 ✲

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Mary's POV

The next morning, Izu nii and I made our way to kindergarten as usual. While walking, I thought of the question that was on my mind for a while now, so I asked Izu nii, since he's the smarter one.

"Izu nii..."

"Yes, Mary?"

"Do you think.... That the other kids will make fun of us? Like calling us quirk less and bullying us?"

Izuku's POV

"Do you think... That the other kids will make fun of us? Like calling us quirk less and bullying us?"

Mary's question caught me off guard.

W-what should I say?! Mary's obviously scared!!! Wait.. but Im scared too! Ugh...... What should I say?!?!

I quickly thought of the quickest but dumbest answer.

"Mary, it's gonna be OK!!! I'll protect you, so don't be scared!"

D-did Mary believe me??

I looked at Mary's red face.

W - wait.... Did Mary really believe me?!

Mary's POV

"Mary, it's gonna be OK!!! I'll protect you, so don't be scared!"

I felt my face heat up.

I-izu nii said that he'll protect me!!

"I-is that so..." I trailed off.

Even though I was touched, I still felt ashamed.

Izu nii can't protect me forever, right? I should learn to take care of myself!

Izu nii, I promise that I'll work hard to become a hero, no matter what!!! Even if people call me quirk less or useless, I'll do anything to become a hero to protest you and Mom!

"A-anyway, we should walk faster, or else Kacchan will yell at us again, 'kay?"

Izu nii's voice broke my chain of thoughts.


Kacchan is our best friend. Though he all ready got his quirk, he still hang out with us.

Once Izuku and I reached the kindergarten, Kacchan ran out to greet us.

"Hi, Izuku! Hi, Mary!"

"Hi Kacchan!"

"H-hi, Kacchan!" I said, shyly. Even though I've been playing with Kacchan for about a few weeks now, I still get shy around him.

After I greeted said boy, he said "Y-yeah... G-good morning, Mary-chan..."

Kacchan started to get red.

What's wrong with Kacchan? Is he sick?

"Kacchan... A-are you sick? Your face is red..." I asked, putting a hand on his forehead.

"No I'm not!!! A-anyway.... Let's go to the playground! It's playing time."

"OK!!" Izu nii and I answered together.

Upon reaching the playground, the three of us played tag together. It was so fun, I didn't want it to end.

"Mary, I'm coming for you!!!" Kacchan shouted, running towards me.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I screamed as I ran.

I didn't like to be chased, because of my medical condition.
If I tire myself out too much, I'll faint. However, I still continued to run with Izu nii.

This can be my training to become a hero!

Suddenly, I hit something hard and fell to the ground.


"Mary, are you ok?"

"Mary!Can you stand?" Both Izu nii and Kacchan asked.

"Sorry, Mary. I didn't know you were behind me."said Kuro, a boy in the same kindergarten as me.

"N-no! I'm should be the one who's sorry. Sorry for bumping into you!!"

"Mary, you shouldn't apologise!! Kuro's right! It's his fault, so don't blame yourself." Kacchan 'reassured' me.

"E-eh?! Kacchan, you shouldn't say that!!" Izu nii scolded.

"But it's true!! Right Mary? Mary?"

I balled my hand into fists and said, " Izu nii's right! You shouldn't have blamed Kuro!"

When Kacchan heard what I said, he hung his head and muttered a apology to Kuro, whom kindly accepted it.

After that little incident, we went back to playing, until it was time to go back home. As usual, the three of us walked back home together. When we got onto the topic of quirks, Izu nii and my eyes didn't light up as usual.

"All might was so cool!! He was like, SWOOSH! Then BAM! Then BANG!!" Kacchan exclaimed, copying poses of All might.

Kacchan realise that we weren't talking much, so he asked, " Hey, the both of you are unusually quiet today. Did something happen?"

Izu nii and I looked at each other and Izu nii said, "Actually... Mary and I went to the doctor's yesterday... And... Found out that we were quirk less... Sorry, Kacchan..."

The huge smile on Kacchan gave dropped. He softly said, "Y-you're kidding me right?"

"Sorry, Kacchan... We aren't."I sadly told him.

Tears slowly started to well up in Kacchan eyes as he said," B-but we promise that we'll become Heroes together! Go to UA together and surpass All might together! You promised!!"

Soon Kacchan couldn't hold back the tears anymore, and he started crying uncontrollably. I ran up to hug him and said, "we'll still be heroes together, 'Kay? And we'll never, ever break that promise! Right Izu nii?"

"Yeah!! We'll never, ever break that promise! Because we're best friends!"

However, I didn't know that day I'll break that promise.

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