✯ Chapter 4 ✯

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Mary's POV

"It's a human."

"It's a human."

"It's a human."

"It's a human."

I heard unfamiliar voices saying that as I slowly sat up.

What... What happened? Why am I sleeping on the forest floor?

Last night's events played over my head, and I remembered everything.

Oh yeah... I ran away... Still, why am I hearing these voices? Theres no one around.

I looked around, trying to spot any body.


I heard rustling in the bushes surrounding me. I turned around, careful not to make any sudden movements. Animals slowly walked/flew out, all staring at me.

W-what's going on?!

"Who is that?"

" Why is a human doing here?"

I heard more, and at last I couldn't take it. I covered my ears, and tried to block out all those thoughts.

I shut my eyes, hoping that it will help. I felt a soft nudge on my shoulder and I looked up. It was a moose deer, with big, hazel eyes.

"What are you doing here, human?"


" Y-you can talk?!" I finally managed to squeak out.

"No I cannot. It's you. You can understand my speech, even though I am a deer."

"Wait, do you mean... That I'm a animal whisperer...??"

"Now that I think about it... I have never seen you before. Kacchan, Izu nii never mentioned about wild animals living here before."

"Thats because you are in the heart of the forest. No human has ever wandered into this part. No matter how lost they are. Hence, I would like to ask you: How on earth did you get here, the one place that humans cannot go?"

Good question. I had no idea how I got into this part of the forest. I've never been here before, even with Kacchan or Izu nii.

"U-um... I don't know, actually. I just ran into the direction of the place that my friends and I like to play at. And, um.... If what you said was true.... About humans my being able to get to this part of the forest... I need to stay here for a while, because of my quirk.

My quirk is a monster. I hate it. It allows my hair to transform into several snakes. I think that people will be afraid of me, so I need to stay somewhere, away from everyone."

The deer cocked it's head, and looked at me with confused eyes.

How can I be so dumb. Of course this deer don't know what a quirk is.

And so I explained the history of quirks. How the first person borned with a quirk let out light. And everything else.

After explaining, the moose deer was silent for a while. Finally, he said, "I see. So you are afraid that the other humans will despise you. I understand. Then from now on, this forest shall be your home! Follow me. I will guide you to a safer place."

The deer gestured me into a cave, which I had not realised was there. Together with the deer, some birds and raccoons followed us.

Izuku's POV

"Understood, ma'am. We'll find your daughter."

After Mary ran into the forest, Mom and I went to the police station to report. The police officers was kind and tried to be helpful, but that didn't help me to feel better. There many pro heroes, of course. But I wasn't in the mood to write down information.

I'm such a horrible older brother. When Mary ran into the forest, I couldn't even stop her. It's all my fault.

After the police questioned mom, they asked me some questions.

"Midoriya. May I know when did your sister develop her quirk?"

"It think it was yesterday. We were playing hide and seek. Then, I couldn't see her, even though she was right in front of me. T-then, that night, while we celebrating, she suddenly fell to the floor," I said, my voice cracking, "Her hair suddenly turned into several snakes. She ran out of the house, saying that she was a monster. I couldn't stop her. I beg of you, please find her!"

The police man looks at me with a pitiful look, then asked, "Does any of your ancestors have such a quirk?''

"I'm afraid you have to ask my mom that, as I do not know the answer."

The police man gave a nod to another police man, signalling him to ask mom to enter to answer his question.

After hearing the police man's question, Mom thought for a while and said, " I do not think my husband and me have any ancestors with such a quirk."

The police man gave a thoughtful nod, and signalled us that it was time for us to go home and rest.

On the way home, I asked mom, " Do you think the police will ever find Mary?"

Mom tried to avoid eye contact, not answering my question.

Mom why are you... Not answering my questions?!

With a louder voice, I asked Mom, " Mom! Why aren't you answering?"

When mom turned to turn at me, I instantly felt regret. Mom was crying , face red.

"I don't know, okay? I don't know!"

Mom's out burst shocked me. I was speechless. The rest of the walk home was silent.

When we reached home, nothing changed. The party food from last night was left untouched. Everything was silent. I walked to my room, and sat on the bed. I wasn't used to the quietness. Usually Mary would wake up beside me, say good morning and to the kitchen with me, hand in hand. But now, I don't think that'll ever happen again.


So two of Mary's quirk is revealed. Seven more to go!

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