⇇Chapter 8 ⇉

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   Mary's POV

   Once we all reached the tower, I spun around and demanded, "So what was the thing you all wanted to tell me?"😟

    The animals looked at each other, and all of them...




    ...Ran out of the tower and into the woods.


    "H-hey!! Why are you all running away?! Come back!!" I shouted/asked.

    "Just leave them." A voice said.

    I spun around, only to be met with deer-san.

    So deer-san didn't run away? Thank God!

    "So what were you supposed to tell me?" I asked, arms akimbo.

    The deer motioned for me to take a seat.

     "You better sit down. What I'm going to tell you may be too much for you to take in."

   I searched for a place to sit. I looked up at the deer, and patiently for him to tell me.

   What possibly is it that deer-san wants to tell me?

   "Mary, I'm going to tell you a story."

    I patiently looked forward, and motioned him to continue with a nod of my head.

    "I have told you about Azami and her family, whom lived in this tower for several years before you did, right? Well, I'm going to tell you the story of Azami. Azami was a immortal monster who was the living thing to exist in this world. When mankind existed, she could no longer freely roam the earth anymore, so she had to hide. One day when she was resting in a forest, she met Tsukihiko, her future husband.

    At first, they didnt converse much. Slowly, they started talking to each other and they soon started a family and had a baby girl. Tsukihiko build a home for his family to live in forever. To make ensure their safety, Azami cast a spell in this forest to keep out anyone else. One day when Tsukihiko was out on an errand, villagers came to kill Azami when her spell was at its weakest. You see, Azami had to recast the spell once a month. But that day, Azami forgot to do so so the spell started to wear off. The villagers had to retreat because Azami was too strong. Even though Azami won that battle, she thought that she was better off dead to protect her family, so she commuted suicide. However her body was never found. When Tsukihiko returned, he was devasted. So from that day on, He raised his daughter himself. Sadly, a few weeks later he passed away die to a deadly disease. The villagers heard of this and tried to find their  daughter. But her body was never found. If I'm not wrong, she casted a spell on herself to pass on her powers to someone else."

     "S-so what does that have to do with me?"

    If Azami-san's family passed away, then what does that have to do with me?!

    "Deer-san, what are you trying to say?!"

    "What I'm trying to say is that Azami's daughter, Shion, passed her powers to you."

    "B-but you might be wrong!"

    "I am not. You told me that your quirk doesn't seem like one your family ever had. So my theory is right."

    "You also mentioned that it's time for me to leave this forest behind and go back to the outside world again, right?"

    Deer-san looked at me sadly, and shaked his head.

     Thats right.... I did say that.

    "Deer-san, I understand." I barely said, my tears threatening to fall.

    "Mary, please understand that
We're doing this because we care about you. You can't stay here forever. You should go back to your family, they're worried about you. And, you need to experience the life every human being experiences. In this forest, there's nothing to do here. So, please understand, Mary. Please."

    I looked down, and at last I couldn't hold it in anymore. I bawled my eyes out and tried to wipe away my tears.

   After all these years... Even though I did agree on that... I don't want to leave, all the animals are like my family!

   "B-but Mom and Izu-nii might hate me!" I cried, and sank to my knees.

   I don't want to remember what I experienced ten years ago! I don't want to hurt anyone anymore!

    "I really.... *Sob* don't... *Sob* wanna experience everything that happened ten years ago again! *Sob* I don't wanna hurt anyone again!"

    Deer-san looked at me with a pained expression, and walked up to me and sat down to my level.

    "Mary, I know what you went through. I also don't want you to go through such a horrible experience again. No child should ever go through such a horrible thing. That's why I'll tell you this: If your family really loves you, they'll welcome you again with open arms. Mary, trust me."

   I looked up and wiped away my tears.


   "No buts, Mary! When you were younger, you always talk about your family with a very happy look. I know deep down, you really want to go back to your family right?" Deer-san said sternly, but with a hint of gentleness.

    That's right... I wanna go back to Mom and Izu nii.... And have a happy life.

    "B-but the other animals! They're my family too!"

     Everyone here is my family.

    "The other animals knew that this day will come, and they have prepared. Don't worry about us."

    If I made a agreement to my friends, I should keep my side of it, right?

   I looked at deer-san in the eye, and with all my might, firmly said, "Hai, Deer-san!"


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