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Snake Queen (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic) by _-_Slytherin_Girl_-_
Snake Queen (Boku no Hero ❦Slytherin❦
Midoriya Mary: Younger sister of Midoriya Izuku by 3 months. Mary had friends, Katsuki Bakugou and her older brother Izuku Midoriya. Mary's quirk is called 'Snake Queen...
  • hero
  • allmight
  • kastukibakugou
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Spider-Man: Son Of Iron-Man  by marvelover835
Spider-Man: Son Of Iron-Man by Jellybean835
"They say I'm a hero. They forget I'm just a kid."
  • son
  • pain
  • hero
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Hellhound ⚢ by va_in_the_moon13
Hellhound ⚢by Your Geeky Overlord
⚢ (highest rank: #2 in hellhound) Avril Falls was raised to think she was a monster called a Hellhound, a beast in human skin. Spending her whole life in a tower, it is...
  • original
  • acceptance
  • love
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You reject it, you regret it. by illusionoflexy
You reject it, you regret Alex
Cora is excited for finding her mate, but when she finds out the soon to be alpha, Parker is 'the one' she's not so sure. Turns out, she was right. Parker rejects her fo...
  • tower
  • regret
  • paris
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An Ariella Story by oneandonlygabbs
An Ariella Storyby Gabbs
Ariella Scott is the modern-day Cinderella. After her parents are killed in a tragic car accident, it leaves nine year old Ariella an orphan. It doesn't take long for a...
  • shopping
  • louvre
  • joke
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Cavenaugh Tower (A Rapunzel Remix) by DumDumPops4
Cavenaugh Tower (A Rapunzel Remix)by Cayleigh
Kamree doesn't believe in love. She can't afford to. Ironically, she lives in Sarias, a kingdom that practically thrives on the idea of love and soulmates. Daxton is a...
  • music
  • singer
  • fairytaleretelling
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Once Upon a Nightmare (Vampire Teacher/Student) by TheEmmysShow
Once Upon a Nightmare (Vampire TheEmmysShow
For centuries the two vampire kingdoms have been battling waiting for the psychic Princess to come along. Anna Williams thought vampires were only in nightmares and horr...
  • slowly
  • introduction
  • teacher
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Loki x reader by TeddyLiona
Loki x readerby TeddyLiona
You're Loki's servant. You've always done your best to gain his attention, and be the best for him. Though you are a mortal Midgardian, you've been blessed by Frigga to...
  • lokixreader
  • starks
  • love
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Aftermath (Bucky Barnes) by sebbystanfan
Aftermath (Bucky Barnes)by sebbystanfan
Bucky lives in the Avengers Tower with the team and his two best friends. Daniella, is the girl he's liked for a long time but he has never actually acted on it. He alwa...
  • wintersoldier
  • evans
  • sebastianstan
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Our New Destiny by XYZangel26
Our New Destinyby XYZangel26
When Naruto finds himself brought back to life with foggy memories of his past, he sets out to find what is going on. Along the way, he runs into a strange cult that see...
  • kurotsuchi
  • exo
  • fallen
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How I Fell for Joe Jonas (fictional) by MacAttack55
How I Fell for Joe Jonas ( Michala
  • awkward
  • danger
  • bump
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Tangled by 1STCORNDOG
Tangledby ɯɐɥ
[namjin] "Save what has been lost Bring back what once was mine What once was mine"...
  • bangtan
  • hoseok
  • kim
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Abandoned Sanctuary by Celestial
Abandoned Sanctuaryby Celestial
When there is no hope, what do you do? In an assassin's case you can only survive to live another day, and that is exactly what Ice Asterisk has been doing for ten years...
  • investigation
  • revenge
  • warehouse
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Crack fic. by Naviks_
Crack Naviks_
An awoken warlock named Koi disagrees with her human warlock friend Vene. A fight breaks out.
  • blood
  • thrall
  • fighting
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Before a Fall by DorianGrendel
Before a Fallby Dorian Grendel
An extract from my unfinished novel about the things that can go wrong with families, especially when a throne is at stake.
  • novel
  • extract
  • fantasy
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Tower by lePennyKing
Towerby The Fabulous Penny King
She just wanted to touch the lights. ~ Narrative based on a the song Tower. Tower (song), Arrangement and Lyrics © KEI Tower (Animation PV/movie) © Tsukimido Tower (Voca...
  • sliceoflife
  • christmas
  • fanfiction
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Towerfall  by Mysty-Nyx
Towerfall by Dovahkiin
Chloe just wants to make it through another year of school. Her grades are almost perfect and she is in tune with her magical abilities. She expects another normal year...
  • academy
  • witch
  • badboy
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The Psychotic Love by NightVar
The Psychotic Loveby NightVar
This is a long story and this story is meant for a very special person...I thank you...I thank you
  • tower
  • andrea
  • towerof
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