Snake Queen (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic) by _-_Slytherin_Girl_-_
Snake Queen (Boku no Hero ❦Slytherin❦
Midoriya Mary: Younger sister of Midoriya Izuku by 3 months. Mary had friends, Katsuki Bakugou and her older brother Izuku Midoriya. Mary's quirk is called 'Snake Queen...
  • fanfiction
  • bakugou
  • bnha
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Hellhound ⚢ by va_in_the_moon13
Hellhound ⚢by Your Geeky Overlord
⚢ (highest rank: #2 in hellhound) Avril Falls was raised to think she was a monster called a Hellhound, a beast in human skin. Spending her whole life in a tower, it is...
  • wattpride
  • lgbtq
  • girlxgirl
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Just His Luck by SecretsInMyHead
Just His Luckby SecretsInMyHead
Peter Parker has bad luck. He always has. So when his class gets a field trip to Stark Tower it doesn't really surprise him. Sure it's a great opportunity for everyone...
  • fanfiction
  • spiderman
  • tonystark
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Spidey&Avengers One-Shots by whitewolf134
Spidey&Avengers One-Shotsby whitewolf134
Swinging my way downtown, webbing fast, buildings past and I'm airbound. beware: -potty language -sometimes i'll post like nine weird af chapters a night then delete six...
  • fieldtrip
  • thor
  • embarrassment
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Cavenaugh Tower (A Rapunzel Remix) by DumDumPops4
Cavenaugh Tower (A Rapunzel Remix)by Cayleigh
Kamree doesn't believe in love. She can't afford to. Ironically, she lives in Sarias, a kingdom that practically thrives on the idea of love and soulmates. Daxton is a...
  • kamree
  • rapunzel
  • cavenaugh
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Tower of God { Various x Reader } by Tigerra
Tower of God { Various x Reader }by Bork Mlem
[ DISCONTINUED ] _-------------_--------------_ "She's . . ." A Tower of God Fanfiction! [ SEASON 1 ] Fem! Readers x Various of Tower of God's Males! DISCLAIME...
  • towerofgod
  • god
  • romance
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Aftermath (Bucky Barnes) by sebbystanfan
Aftermath (Bucky Barnes)by sebbystanfan
Bucky lives in the Avengers Tower with the team and his two best friends. Daniella, is the girl he's liked for a long time but he has never actually acted on it. He alwa...
  • stan
  • captainamerica
  • bucky
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Loki x reader by TeddyLiona
Loki x readerby TeddyLiona
You're Loki's servant. You've always done your best to gain his attention, and be the best for him. Though you are a mortal Midgardian, you've been blessed by Frigga to...
  • lies
  • frigga
  • xreader
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A Fairy's Story || Rogue Cheney {COMPLETED} by Haya-Shizen
A Fairy's Story || Rogue Cheney { Mother Nature
Have you ever lost the only person you care for most? Well I have. My so called father left me in some woods to fend for myself. There in those woods I met the person I...
  • osarc
  • roguecheney
  • roguexoc
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Immortal Ascension Tower - Book 1: Reborn! [CH 1 - 75] by TheCookieMobster
Immortal Ascension Tower - Book Cookie
***Note Well*** This book shall, from the first volume on, be uploaded at @theonionjunktion! What does this mean? I won't delete the story on this account, however if yo...
  • immortality
  • cultivation
  • original
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House Of Cards (Complete) by Jeffree12345
House Of Cards (Complete)by ~*Cheana*~
She wants only to be as brave and strong as her companion... A short poem about life's struggles and tasks. will she overcome these obstacles that block her path?
  • magic
  • houseofcards
  • destiny
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Family Doesn't End with Blood  by IrisOdair
Family Doesn't End with Blood by Iris Odair
Peter had returned to his "normal" existence, post lizard, and everything was going fine. That is, until the Avengers got mixed up in his life, resulting in co...
  • vibranium
  • crossover
  • ageofultron
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Querencia ~ a Khun Aguero Agnes Fanfiction by Nashima_
Querencia ~ a Khun Aguero Agnes Nakashima Aya
"Without her, he lost his power-" "-and without him, she lost his soul." . . . You and him, two people who destined to be in each other's arm...
  • towerofgod
  • webtoonxreader
  • reader
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Madness of Magic by Annany
Madness of Magicby Annany Mouse
Only someone desperate for money would work for a mad witch in a mysterious tower. Abie is everything Maeva needs in a testing subject for her spells, but when he begin...
  • family
  • wattys2018
  • queen
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The lazy readers by eriko_hemming
The lazy readersby eriko_hemming
Trapped in a tower with nothing but my thoughts and journal to keep me going. It might just be the words of a madman but I have to keep writting or I'll disappear like t...
  • timetravel
  • journal
  • reading
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Street Mouse: Avengers by BiancaEvans2
Street Mouse: Avengersby LegolasG5*
This story is about a girl raised on the streets after she ran from home. This story has the Avengers in it, but is not connected to the Avengers story line. So this is...
  • tower
  • america
  • hydra
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Knights by SilverPaint223
Knightsby Oneirataxia
A beautiful princess is forced into a tower. Looming above the tree tops, its stone walls protected her from the dangerous dragons that roamed the lands. Hearing about...
  • knights
  • power
  • knightinshiningarmor
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junior •  peter parker x reader by 1-800-pussysandwich
junior • peter parker x readerby s-s-sandy olsson
\\ in which the reader is odin's daughter \\ started: oct. 20, 2018 ended: 🍑
  • thor
  • asgard
  • peter
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Forgotten ✰ Khun Aguero Agnes [ ToG ] by BlueC00kies
Forgotten ✰ Khun Aguero Agnes [ _ l y s s a
What will happen when a girl that doesn't remember anything shows up in the tower? She doesn't remember anything, not even who she is. All she knows is that she has to g...
  • agnes
  • aguero
  • tog
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My Star | Khun x Reader | Tower of God fanfic by Wushiii
My Star | Khun x Reader | Tower 「 Wushii 」
Everyone knows Bam's star is Rachel, but what happens when Khun finds a Star of his very own? | Khun x Reader | Tower of God Fanfic.
  • tower
  • xreader
  • baam
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