✮Chapter 12✮

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Aizawa's POV

"I don't think it'll work, but I'll try."

I turned and faced said child. Her hair grew long and wild, and they flew forward to us. Best Jeanist and All might ducked while Endeavour stood back. Using my bandages, I caught hold of some of the hair flying towards me and pulled them. She flew towards me, unaware of my next move.

It's like she's not human...

Staring straight into her eyes, I activated my quirk. I held on tight onto the bandages, hoping that the longer I look, maybe her quirk would deactivate. But she just stared back at me with her lifeless eyes.

Just as I thought...

Her quirk wasn't one that could be easily erased. She slowly reached out her hands, and cupped them around my face.

"So beautiful..."


I jumped back.

What is she...???

She looked at me with a hurt expression before heading at me once again.

Midoriya Izuku's POV

"W-what's going in?!" Uraraka asked, particularly to no one.

We were facing the direction where the screams came from. I looked at Iida and Uraraka and nodded to them before running to investigate. Turning around a sharp 90 degrees, I saw the scene in front of me.

Heroes were carrying onlookers away from flying debris, and Aizawa sensei was holding tightly on his bandages which was restricting a person with wild floating hair.


I gasped.


She looked so different from ten years back, her eyes a dark crimson red colour. Her hair was much longer, and her hair was snow - white, with a red outline around herself.

Aizawa Sensei turned tilted his head a little and shouted, "STAY BACK, MIDORIYA!"

"But she's-"

"FOR ONCE, FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS!" He shouted, while trying to hold his bandages tighter.


I ran forward to Aizawa sensei and pushed him aside, while the same time his grip loosened and his bandages slid off her body.

"MARY! LISTEN TO ME! STOP ALL THIS! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?!?" I gestured to the scene around us, "FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TEN YEARS... WE FINALLY MEET... and.. and..." I held back my tears and sobs, "FOR HEAVENS SAKE, LISTEN TO YOUR BROTHER FOR ONCE!!!"

Her hair stopped floating in the air, and her eyes went to a salmon shade of pink.

With tears in her eyes, she spoke in a cracked voice, "Izu-nii..."

She collapsed on my shoulder, and Sensei's bandages flew off her.

     "She seems unconscious now, Midoriya," I stopped looking at Mary and faced Aizawa sensei, "Just... Carry her to the paramedics. We'll handle the commotion here."

   I jogged to the nearest group of paramedics and set Mary down.

    "Please take care of her..." I said while I stroked Mary's hair.

   So soft... I missed you...

    "Deku-kun! What happened here?! There's so much damage!" Uraraka exclaimed while jogging towards us with Iida.

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