∉ Chapter 10 ∌

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Mary's POV

   As I walked down the path covered by trees, I sang a song.

   As I sat next to the window I thought of you~

   Every morning when I wake up my heart hurts, as it yearns for you~

   Missing your warm hugs and beautiful voice~

   I love you, my dear brother~

    I stopped singing and looked around, trying to take in the cool crisp air and the scenery filled with tall sky scrappers. I turned to a corner, trying to remember the way home.

    I think it should be around this corner...

    "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! HELP!!" A voice rang through out the air.

    I whipped my head around, just in time to see a glimpse of a gigantic robotic monster carrying a crying baby away from its sobbing mother.


    "Someone's in trouble!"

    "Where are the heroes?!"

    "Aren't there any heroes on patrol?!"

   The monster jumped on buildings, ready to drop the baby into a hole.

    They're laws that state using quirks are illegal, right...?

    The monster stocked out the hand holding the wailing baby and boomed, "IF YOU WANT TO SPARE THIS BABY, I DEMAND TO SEE ALL MIGHT !!"

   Just this once, I'll break the law!!

   I dropped everything and ran towards the monster, using Destroying Eyes to jump my way up the building the monster was on. Using concealing eyes, I jumped onto the monster's head and gave it a good kick.

   "WHAT WAS THAT?!?" The monster bellowed, trying to use one of its other arms to throw me off.

    I've never done something like this before, what should I do? At this rate I'll get thrown off!

   Just then, I heard the baby wails.

   No.. if someone is in need, I have to help them!!

    I showed a determined look and tried to get back on balance. Still using Concealing Eyes, I tried to use Stealing Eyes at the same time. Reading the monster's thoughts, it said

    What the hell?!?! What's on my head?!?!

    As the monster continued to wave the wailing baby around, I used Destroying Eyes to punch the monster again and again, like how All Might uses Texas Smash.

    While punching, I looked down and saw Heroes surrounding the building, trying to stop people from entering the barrier. One of them shouted over to me, " HEY KID!! GET OFF THAT THING! ITS DANGEROUS!!! ALL MIGHT WILL BE HERE WITH THE OTHER UA TEACHERS SOON!! SO GET DOWN!!"

    "Listen to the hero, you little shit. I can't fight with you on my head." The villian cooed evilly.

     No way!!

    I jumped to the hand holding the baby, and grabbed hold of him.

    "I-It's going to be all right!" I tried my best to be brave to the baby, even though I knew it doesn't understand me. It gurgled a little, and he stared at me with his big, curious eyes.

    I held him tight, as I got ready to jump, but before I could, the villian through me off balance and I crashed into a building. I winced, and looked at the baby.

    "Y-you okay, little guy?" I stuttered out,my body hurt from the crash.

    "Goo guh! Goo guh!" He gurgled out while clapping his hands, clearly enjoying the show.

    Once again, I held him close to me as I used Concealing Eyes and Destroying Eyes to jump off the crash site and into the pavement, where the heroes were.

    I winced as I landed, and ran to the mother of the baby, whom which was being held back by the hero, Kamui Woods.

    "Ma'am! Please stay calm! All Might is on his way to rescue your son!" Kamui Woods blocked the poor woman once more, while she cried and struggled against his grip.

   "If you're a hero, why aren't you doing anything?!?! Can't you see my son's in trouble??!'' the crushed woman screamed, putting her hands on his shoulders and shaking him

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   "If you're a hero, why aren't you doing anything?!?! Can't you see my son's in trouble??!'' the crushed woman screamed, putting her hands on his shoulders and shaking him. Mascara ran down her cheeks and her face was full of claw marks, clear that she was clawing her face at the sight of her child dangling in mid air.

    Um... Should I say something...???

    "Um... Madam... Here's your child." I passed the baby to his parent, who grate fully took him.

     "Thank you! Thank you so much!" She cried out, craddling the child close to her body.

    "Your wel-" I was violently picked up by a metallic hand, belonging to the villian.

     "YOU LITLE SHiT!!! NOw YOU'LL PAY!!" Said villian threw me in the sky, before catching me and smashing me into the ground repeatedly.

    Ow... It hurts...!! My body isn't moving...!!!

     Kamui Woods POV

     "You wel-" Before the child could finish her sentence, the villian snatched her and bellowed, " YoU LITtle ShiT, NoW YOu'lL PaY!!!"

    It threw her into the sky, and caught her before beginning to hit her repeatedly against the ground. I let the woman go, instructing her to stand back.

    I ran forward, using my branches to propell me forward. Jut as I was about to go beyond the police barrier, a police man held me back.

    "Kamui Woods, you are not permitted to go beyond this point."

    I pushed him aside, only to be held back by more police.

    "The UA teachers will be here in a matter of minutes, so please stand back."

    Stand back?!?! When a child is there, fighting a villian alone!??!

    When I looked back at her, the blood in my face drained.

    "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LETS SEE WHoS BlEEDING NOW!!!" That damned monster hit her again once more before holding her head up.

    Stop it...!!!

     "If you beg, maybe I'll stop." It laughed out evilly, smashing her head against the ground. Her face was covered in scratches, wounds and bruises. Her head was bleeding, and she wasn't breathing properly.

    "It - it hurts.." She stuttered.

    Can't you see she's in pain, you monster?!!?

    Then suddenly...






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