✴ Chapter 5 ✴

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Mary's POV

"U-um, are we there yet?"

We've been walking ever since we entered the cave. It's so dark, I have to hold on to the deer so he can tell me where to walk.

"Be patient, human. We'll reach there soon enough."

Normally, I wouldn't mind walking a long distance, but now I had to carry some animals that fell asleep. I always wonder why living creatures are heavier when they're asleep.

My legs hurt...

Izuku's POV

(A few hours after the incident)

It's been a few hours and we haven't received any news about Mary, and it's starting to worry me.



The day after Mary ran away, I went to the kindergarten as usual. I walked in and searched for Kacchan. When I found him, he was being pinned down by the one of the teachers.

"Bakugou! Calm down!" The teacher yelled.

When Kacchan saw me, he ran to me and held me up by the collar.

"I heard that Mary ran away yesterday after she got her quirk. Is that true?" Kacchan asked, his hair covering his eyes.

"Bakugou! Let Midoriya do-"

"Yeah that's right. She ran away and I couldn't even stop her."

This only angered Kacchan more. He rammed me against a wall and hollered, "WHY COULDNT YOU STOP HER?!"

Tears filled my eyes.

I know it's my fault. I know I couldn't stopped her. I know that I'm a horrible brother, who cannot even take care of his sister.

"I know it's my fault. I know I couldn't stop her."I admitted getting a hold of Kacchan's hand.

"Both of you! Stop it!" A teacher scolded as she got between us, getting a hold of our hands trying to break our fight.


Kacchan positioned his free hand at the hand teacher was holding him with, trying to make a explosion. But before he could blast her, she said something that made me stop protesting.

"Bakugou! If Mary saw you like this, what would she think? She'll try to stop you! And Midoriya!" Teacher turned to look at me, "If Mary also saw you like this, she'll be sad, wouldn't she?"

Bakugou's POV

"LET GO OF ME!" I yelled at the crazy teacher who got between Deku and me.

So you wanna die?! FINE!

I was going to deliver a blast at teacher when she cut me off.

"Bakugou! If Mary saw you like this, what would she think? She'll try to stop you! And Midoriya!", Teacher turned to look at Deku, "If Mary also saw you like this, she'll be sad, wouldn't she?!"
My eyes fell, and I slowly let go of my grip on Deku.

If Mary saw me like this, of course she'll try to stop me.

How can I be so stupid?!

Mary, I swear no matter what, I become the top hero and use my status to find you. I promise.

I shoved my hands in my pockets and walked through the crowd of frightened kids.

Cowards. If they can't even stand this, they won't last a second in the battle field.

(End of flashback)

Izuku's POV
After that, the teachers called mom to take me home for the day.

I should have ran faster after her. Then this wouldn't have happen.

"Izuku?" Mom appeared at my bedroom door.

"Do you want to come with me to the doctor's office to ask about Mary quirk? I understand if you don't want to-"

"I want to come!" I said, cutting mom off.

I want to know more about Mary's quirk, so that I can find her.

I quickly ran downstairs and put on my shoes.

I looked at mom and cheerfully said, "Let's go find out more about Mary!"

Mom gave a worried smile, and said,"Okay, let's go."


Hello readers!! Sorry if this chapter is short. I found out something great about Mekakucity actors! It's confirmed that they're gonna have a new anime! It's called Mekakucity Reload! However, a release date isn't confirmed. I'm also not sure if it's a sequel to Mekakucity Actors. They're also having a movie called Kagerou Daze -In a Day's-.

I'll try to make the next chapter longer, so please bear with me.

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