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❝σн, тєα¢нєя!✧❞ {αιzαωα χ яєα∂єя} by anonymous_x_reader
❝σн, тєα¢нєя!✧❞ {αιzαωα χ яєα∂єя}by 💉Anonymous💉
⚠️WARNING: SEXUAL AND MATURE CONTENT AHEAD⚠️ Highest ranking -- #25 "W-Wait, sensei s-stop What If we get caught?.." Aizawa growled quietly, his grip on the p...
  • xreader
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  • myheroacademia
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Secrets and Temptations  by AihimeMurakami
Secrets and Temptations by Felicity
You stand there, in front of U.A. high, your first day. (i suck at descriptions but please give my crappy writing a chance lmao)
  • aizawaxreader
  • eraserhead
  • aizawashouta
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BNHA x Child!Reader by planetcathy
BNHA x Child!Readerby PlanetCat
I feel there just aren't enough stories out there for the cuteness of x Child!readers... So My first ever fanfics will put a stop to that! Never been a fan of English le...
  • aizawashouta
  • eraserhead
  • toshinori
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Maigo- A BNHA OC Story by fetchy1238
Maigo- A BNHA OC Storyby Gabbi Stornaielo
Hello! This is my first time writing on WattPad. This is my OC's story from My Hero Academia. I have never shared my OCs with anyone before, much less told anyone their...
  • bnha
  • fanfiction
  • nezu
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I Think You're Cute by MilkyCatTea
I Think You're Cuteby dumbass_tea
[Name] Yamada meets Aizawa. It's amusing how your bother forgetting their bento can 'cause all of that.
  • midnight
  • reader
  • yagi
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Hazard 》Boku No Hero Academia #YFBookAwards2018 by Autogirls
Hazard 》Boku No Hero Academia Lina_Lovebug
Aizawa Shouta has a daughter. Although many people have never thought of Aizawa as the 'fatherly type', his closest friends can say that she grew up just fine. As the li...
  • izukumidoriya
  • hothead
  • wattys2018
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This Ain't Good by AizawasFlyngSuspndrs
This Ain't Goodby AizawasFlyngSuspndrs
Izuku has major PTSD because his childhood sucked ass. Quirk!Deku, sorry for being so generic. How does one make descriptions seems interesting? This is my first fanfic...
  • katsudeku
  • myheroacademia
  • izuku
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Poison (Midnight's daughter) (Bnha) by EnderCat900
Poison (Midnight's daughter) (Bnha)by MooneFox
Midnight has a secret daughter if others found out, she wouldn't be so much of an r-rated hero. Ren Kayama loves her mom and is fine with her, lifestyle. Ren will be hea...
  • midnight
  • bnha
  • present
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AiDeku For The Soul by SeasonallySweet
AiDeku For The Soulby Setsuna Tokage
Just some Aideku for my thisrty self - and y'all, too.
  • aizawa
  • shouta
  • mha
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「my hero academia one-shots」 by toxicserpent
「my hero academia one-shots」by hasana✨
  • manga
  • lemon
  • oneshots
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Aizawa Shota  boyfriend scenarios/ one shots /headcannons by katia_kun
Aizawa Shota boyfriend An otaku
I just love this man I swear one day all my stories are gonna be about this man. But can you blame me? He is super hot
  • anime
  • bnha
  • scenarios
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A Meme A Day - Kiribaku {BNHA} by PorcelainSky
A Meme A Day - Kiribaku {BNHA}by ☆Sky☆ {semi-hiatus}
Boarding school is bullshit. High School is bullshit, and Bakugou Katsuki wants nothing to do with it. Doesn't give a shit about grades or homework or any of that crap...
  • deku
  • bokunoheroacademia
  • bakukiri
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Nutricula   by MidoriDeku
"Why don't you take a swan dive off the roof? Maybe you'll get a Quirk then!" So he did. And he did. ☣Disclaimer☣ I ripped this straight from Chrysanthos on Ar...
  • aizawashouta
  • bakugoumitsuki
  • kaminaridenki
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Aizawa x Reader (Lemon) by LegitNotCheryl
Aizawa x Reader (Lemon)by 信義
~>(COMPLETED ON THE 7TH Of SEPT!) [Remembering the day. The day when you had your first night together. Your confessions. Every Valentine's spent. Placing the ring th...
  • aizawashouta
  • marriage
  • bnha
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Nii-chan! Nii-chan! by JadeInkwell
Nii-chan! Nii-chan!by Fluff Master
Aizawa Shouta is a teen who lives by the rules of logic and rationality, in his second year of Yuuei. When his parents kick him out when discovering he has a boyfriend...
  • aizawashouta
  • midoriyainko
  • midoriyaizuku
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The volume of the heart by JadeInkwell
The volume of the heartby Fluff Master
Yamada is jealous of Aizawa's father-son relationship with Hitoshi, and goes to find out a bit more about the adopting process. When he meets a baby boy born with an emp...
  • shinsouhitoshi
  • bnha
  • midoriyaizuku
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My Hero Academia Oneshots (Various x reader) by Sunshine101010
My Hero Academia Oneshots ( Sunshine101010
VARIOUS SCENARIOS WITH YOUR FAVORITE HEROES AND VILLAINS! What more could you ask for? Probably a lot of things, but well, this is all I've got so knock yourself out bud...
  • readerxcharacter
  • myheroacademiaoneshots
  • bakugoxreader
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Boku no hero oneshots. by Fotzeo
Boku no hero 森林
I do not own Boku no hero academia, nor the characters.
  • angst
  • lemon
  • aizawashouta
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Why do children have to be so small? by CancerTheLobster
Why do children have to be so Charlie Amerioun
Pro hero EraserHead is out during his night patrol. Nothing is really happening, at all. Until something catches his attention, in the corner of an alley. It's a child.
  • eraserhead
  • parentalaizawa
  • presentmic
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You're Like Dango [Midoriya Izuku X Reader] by brandy_soul
You're Like Dango [Midoriya brandy_soul
Becoming a hero, someone who helps those in need, one who is brave and never gives up. Despite your fears, fears of yourself and your own father. And as villains become...
  • tokoyamifumikage
  • myheroacademia
  • mha
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