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Lonely Rabbit by dinorocket5
Lonely Rabbitby DinoRocket
Izuku, more well known as Rabbit, is finally enjoying his life after years of hell. Now, he gets to save people like he always wanted and works at a nice café every day...
altruistic ✓ Shota Aizawa X Reader by sleepweeby
altruistic ✓ Shota Aizawa X Readerby Elizzza
Caring and uncaring, a duo you'd not believe could go well. Realistically though, no one is completely uncaring, you just have to look deep beneath the facade. Shota Aiz...
BNHA: Saving Her (Ojiro Mashirao x Wolf!Reader) by NotchesAndBullets
BNHA: Saving Her (Ojiro Mashirao Notches and Bullets
"You're safe now." He murmured into your hair as he held your trembling form, his sturdy tail wrapping around your waist and tightening to let you know that yo...
A life with allergies  by PupeshViki
A life with allergies by Pupesh Viki
In this story Midoriya have allergies. The allergies are to: peanuts, pollen, animal dander, dust, eggs, some fish and soya. but the one that can kill him is peanuts. Iz...
True BLUE || Aizawa x Gn!Reader by E-bb-y
True BLUE || Aizawa x Gn!Readerby NemiNemi
[None of them would have guessed their Homeroom teacher is secretly married. To win a bet their teacher set, Class 1-A makes it their mission to figure out who Eraserhea...
Izuku's Guardians by straycat0718
Izuku's Guardiansby straycat0718
In just one word, Midoriya Izuku lost everything. His friends. His parents. His home. Everything. That's how he knew that born as quirkless was a curse. But then, he is...
Disparager: Critic of Society by Terror_Maison
Disparager: Critic of Societyby Terror "Terry" Maison
What if Izuku didn't leave the rooftop and saved Bakugo? What if he saw later that All Might had been there and did nothing? What if in a rage at the society he posted a...
Megalomania | Katsuki Bakugou x OC | My Hero Academia by Poyaay
Megalomania | Katsuki Bakugou x Poyaay
meg·a·lo·ma·ni·ac /ˌmeɡələˈmānēˌak/ noun 1. a person who is obsessed with their own power.
The Cafe  by MsDelicateRose
The Cafe by Leigh
A neutral place where Vigilantes, Villains, and Heroes can enjoy beverages, cupcakes or cakes. It has simple rules. No shady business, capturing or interrogating anyone...
Still A Scarecrow by interestingpop
Still A Scarecrowby ℭ
While Hatake Kakashi didn't know what would happen after his death, he certainly didn't expect this. The man was thrust into a world where people use metal boxes for tra...
Running on Empty by maybeitsfriendly
Running on Emptyby maybeitsfriendly
Hitoshi was running. He'd been running his whole life. From his foster parents, from bullies, from the future everyone claimed he was destined to have. He'd always run a...
Assassin By Night [Badass Deku] by Monstrous_Mind
Assassin By Night [Badass Deku]by Mortem
Class 1-A's cinnamon roll, Izuku Midoriya, the boy who would never cuss or so they think. (okay this is my first Bullshit so I'm sorry😆)
The Secret Life Of A Not-So-Useless Deku // A Vigilante Deku AU by shutiitt_real
The Secret Life Of A An Idiot Insomniac
Midoriya Izuku is a Quirkless loser who cannot stand up for himself. He gets beaten both at school and home. Black Rabbit is a fearless vigilante with a mysterious Quirk...
Together and forever - Shouta Aizawa x Genderneutral Reader as Parents by einshannah
Together and forever - Shouta einshannah
After a long pregnancy, the life as a family finally starts. However, with two new additions to the family, there also comes new problems. I do not own the characters o...
Passing Euphoria (Aizawa Shouta x Reader) (Commissioned Series) by LadysDaze
Passing Euphoria (Aizawa Shouta LadysDaze
Working as UA's resident therapist and counselor has meant you've seen and had to deal with lots of traumas. Being a student at UA wasn't easy, but neither was being the...
Present Mic x Deaf! Reader by katzkradle
Present Mic x Deaf! Readerby Ollie
Reader is deaf with an audial quirk, adopted by the Midoriya's after a UK bombing that left them orphaned.
Little fox? {Bakugo Katsuki x Male Oc} by shrimprush
Little fox? {Bakugo Katsuki x shrimprush
(REWRITING for now) Shouta Aizawa never really wanted a kid of his own, he had a whole class full of them. Plus he and his husband were both busy teachers and pro-hero's...
Home by SpicyBiscuit
Homeby Micheal
When Shinsou Hitoshi runs away from his abusive home, he's taken in by two of his teachers. But he never expected that they would become a family. -Trigger warning: Chi...
His Kitten (Aizawa x neko Student OC) by rosewood12384
His Kitten (Aizawa x neko rosewood12384
I'm going to regret writing this...Just read the story...I don't know what to write WILL HAVE LEMMOONN
princess (aizawa x fem littlespace reader) by lu_littlespace
princess (aizawa x fem lu_littlespace
Y/n is a teacher at UA and has always has a crush on aizawa but she has a little secret that for all she could care he never had to know about but after a stressful day...