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So as you all know, this is the first chapter. Mary's quirk will be shown in later chapters, so please look forward to them.

This chapter takes place when Mary was 5 - years old, so please keep that in mind. :D

Mary POV

"Mary! Mary! Hurry up, or else mom will leave us behind!!"

"O - okay! Coming!"

That day, mom bought izu nii and I to the playground. It was late and we had to go to the doctor's to check if Izuku nii and I had a quirk, so we left early.

"Izu nii, do you think we'll both have a quirk soon?" I asked him, while holding his hand.

"I hope so!! I hope we'll both have a fire quirk or object controlling quirk (sorry I forgot what's the name of Izuku's mothers quirk.) like mom and dad!" Izu nii answered smiling happily.

"I hope so too, darling. Now, let's go in the nice doctor's office, shall we?" Mom asked us, gesturing to the doctor's office.

"Ok!" Izu nii and I answered together.

Inside, the doctor sat on a chair, patiently waiting for us.

"I take it that you both are Izuku and Mary Midoriya? Please have a seat while I take a look at your x-rays."

The doctor turned to look at the x-rays, studying them. Izu nii gave my hand a squeeze as if saying, It's ok, everything will be all right. I promise.

I'm scared, I wanted to tell him. But I knew he was scared of the results too, so I kept my mouth shut.

After what seemed like forever, the doctor said,

"You should probably give it up."

E - eh?!

"So... Is there something wrong with them after all...?" Mom asked, frowning slightly.

"Most of the kindergarteners have all ready manifested their quirk.... Their're the only ones...." Mom trailed off, frowning even more.

I looked down, not realising that Izu nii dropped his All might action figure.

Does that mean.... Izu nii and I will never become heroes?

"Excuse me, but you're the fourth generation, right ma'am?" The doctor politely asked.

"May I ask about your quirk?"

"Yes, of course." Mom cupped her face with one hand.

"I can pull small objects to me. My husband can breathe fire."

"Normally, at the age of four, they should have manifested one of those quirks. Or some combination of the two. In the past, when the super powers started showing up, that resulted of an early research study which was published. It became common practice to see if the pinky toe was missing a joint or not.

When part of the body aren't used, that part is demanded unnecessary. People who didn't have the joint were thought to be newly evolved form.

You can see that looking at this x - rays, that Izuku and Marry has 2 joints. It's unusual to see that these days, but that means that they... have no quirk. "


Does that mean .... Izu nii and I will really never become heroes...?

Tears started to well up in my eyes. After that, Mom, Izu nii and I made our way home. The walk back was silent. Nobody said anything. I held Izu nii's hand, trembling. Even after reaching home, I was still trembling. Not of fear of being called quirkless, but of fear of never achieving our dreams of becoming a hero. That very thought scared me.

During dinner, nobody said anything either. After that, me and Izu nii made our way to our bed room to watch our favourite video of All Might, our favourite hero, saving people.

"Can you see that?" The reporter's voice said, " He'd all ready saved a hundred people! That's crazy! It hasn't even been ten minutes! That's crazy! He's laughing!"

"It's fine now. Why?" All might said bravely, "Because I am here!!"

All might.... We really need you here now.... I need you here now to say , 'I AM HERE!!!' and save us from this night mare. Just like how you save people..... So, so many times......

"Mom..." Izuku said, with a hint of sadness. I flinched, I didn't even notice that Mom entered the room, "He saves people with a smile, no matter what trouble they're in... He's such a cool hero..." Izu nii turned the chair which him and I were sitting in to look at mom. I could see that tears were welling up in moms eyes. Mine were all ready threatening to fall. I all ready knew what he was going to say, so together with him, we both pointed a shaky finger at the computer screen, and said, " Can we... Be heroes too...?"

Slowly, mom made her way towards us. And at last, she fell to her knees and hugged Izu nii and I tightly.

"I'm so sorry, Izuku! I'm so sorry Mary! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!"

Izu nii hugged me tightly, consoling me while I cried uncontrollably.

"Izu nii... Will we... Never be able.. to become heroes...?"

"Mom... Thats not it... Mary.. please stop crying.. please... I beg of you... Mary, please stop..."

And that's when Izu nii started crying too. Three of us spent the rest of the night crying, consoling each other, and at last, sleeping.

That night, Izu nii and I held on to each other tightly, and I was still crying, so Izu nii had to console me.


Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's the end of chapter one! I hope you enjoyed this chapter! (≧▽≦)
Please look forward to future chapters!!!

I'll try my best to make the next chapter longer. :D

word count: 933 words

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