↻Chapter 11↺

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Mary's POV

"It-it hurts..."

I looked up and saw that the villian was going to throw another punch on me.

So this is the end, huh... Mum... Izu-nii... I'm so sorry. We weren't able to be together again. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I shut my eyes as I got ready to meet my end. People were screaming all around me, crying... Shouting... My hearing began to fail me. Darkness consumed me as I met the end of my life.


All might...?

Through my hazy eyesight, I saw All Might jump to my direction along with some other pro heroes. One of the heroes, Eraserhead, scooped me up and used his Bandages to hoist us up onto a nearby balcony.

He took one glance at me and winced, "Hey kid, I have no idea what you did or what that villian did to you, but stay here for the time being." After saying that he jumped back down to the battle scene. I held my head with one hand and forced my self to walk out to the open.

From down there, All might and Endeavour were fighting the villian head-on while Best Jeanist and Eraserhead restrained him. Endeavour used his fire to create a circle around the villian and All might jumped in to help. He punched the villian repeatedly before stepping back and ramming into him again and again. From where I were, I saw the villian taking something out from one of its many tiny compartments. There was a tiny flare, and I widened my eyes in alarm.

A grenade?!

I quickly activated Stealing Eyes and peeked in the villian's mind.

With this, all is over for All might!! No one has ever survived my instant kill grenade!

With what I heard, i activated Drawing Eyes to draw the heroes' attention to me.

"The villian!! He has a grenade!! A grenade!!" I shouted over.

They all looked at me, probably not hearing what I said. I turned my head back to the villian at the sound of a click. He pulled the pin out of the grenade and threw it at All might. I jumped down from the high balcony, not caring for my safety. Once I was close to hitting the ground, I used Destroying Eyes to propel my self to the direction of the heroes. I pushed an alarmed All might away and braced myself for the impact.

Once the grenade came into contact with my body, a sharp pain travels through my torso, right down to my toes. Smoke filled the air; I was gasping for air. Everything happened in a blur.

Air.. air.. my lungs, they're going to explode.

A hand reached out of the smoke and pulled me towards it's owner. Endeavour. His eyes were widened and his mouth agape.

    "H... How..."

    I looked at my reflection on the building behind me. My hair was floating wildy and my eyes were as red as blood. My right arm was twisted in a awkward position. 


    My insides started to twist and blood began to drip out of my mouth.

    I'm going to die...!!!

     A warm feeling began to form in my chest before I lost conscious.

     All might's POV

    "O-oi!! Kid, wake up!" Endeavour shouted at the  child who just spit out blood.

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