∧ Chapter 9 ∧

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The next day

Mary's POV

"*Groan* Is it morning already?" I rubbed my eyes as I sat upright on my bed.

Events from the previous day flooded into my mind as I changed into a new set of clothing.

I'll finally go back home, huh? I hope Mom and Izu-nii aren't and at me.... Or worse, hate me...

I tried to comb my untamable bed head and walked down stairs to cook breakfast.

I think we should have some eggs....

I opened the cupboard where the eggs where.


I cooked the eggs sunny side up and proceeded to eat them in the table.

"O-oishi~" I held my head up with one hand, and looked up at the ceiling.

I guess I'll say goodbye to the animals later. I better eat fast and start packing my things.

I devoured my eggs in a matter of seconds and washed the plates. I ran up the stairs and snatched the bag in the corner of the room where the poisonous mushrooms were growing.

Ok, let's see... Dress, Favourite book, Magnifying glass, I think that's it. But I feel like something is missing... But what...???

I wrecked my head, trying to remember what is was.

Finally, I gave up and threw my hands up in the air.

"Whichever God there is up there, Please help me remember what did I miss out!!!!" I desperately yelled into nothingness.


Of course there won't be an answer. I mentally face palmed myself.

And so, I went back to packing the rest of my stuff. After a while, I went outside to walk with the birds.

"Ne ne ne, Mary, you're going back home, aren't you??" One of the birds asked

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"Ne ne ne, Mary, you're going back home, aren't you??" One of the birds asked.

"Yeah. I'll miss this place. So, so much."

After I leave this place I wonder if any of the animals will change. Everyone was so kind to me. But I know I have to leave. I promise Izu-nii and Mom that I'll become a hero to protect them. It's for their own good. I... love everyone... So much....

"Mary?? Why are you crying??"(ㆁωㆁ*)

I touched my cheek, and my hand was wet. I-i'm crying?! 😲

"I'm okay. I'm okay." i frantically said.

"A-anyway, it's gonna be time for me to leave for home soon. Let's go back."

A few minutes later

"Well, Mary, I bid you farewell."

I turned around to look at the animals. I'll be leaving soon, to find Mom and Izu nii.

"Don't worry everyone! I'll come back and visit if I have any free time." I smiled.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot." Deer-san said.

He called for one of the squirrels and it climbed down a tree, with something in its mouth. Whats that? The squirrel went up to me and gestured for me to open my hand. Ok...? The squirrel dropped whatever it had in its mouth. The object was cold and hard, with a twisted physical shape.

"This is the key to the house. With it, you can come visit anytime you want."

I gripped the key with a shaky hand and said, "okay!" And with that I bid farewell and went on my way home.

At some other place at the same time~~~

Izuku's POV

"....And that concludes the end of this lesson. Class dismissed." Aizawa Sensei monotonously said and walked out.

"Deku kun!! Let's go home together!!" Uraraka waved at me and smiled.


"Uraraka, it's rude to talk loudly!" Tenya scolded, and starting moving his hand vertically. Up down, up down.

I wonder how Mary is... Where ever she is...

"Deku kun? You okay?" Uraraka looked at me with concern.

"Y-yeah! " I quickly packed my things and looked at then with my usual smile. We then proceeded to walk out of school , when we started talking about Ingenium.

"Ida kun! I'm so jealous of you, your family's heroes, and your brothers a pro hero!" Uraraka squealed, while Ida kun and I sweat dropped.

"Uraraka, are you really still surprised that my family are heroes?" Ida kun asked.

"Of course, Ida kun!! Who wont be?"

I looked at the two of them bickering, and instantly thought of Mary and I, when we were younger.

Flashback to ten years ago.

"Izu nii, you meanie!!!" Mary yelled at me, face red with anger.

That time, we were still kids. I remember it was a sunny afternoon, Mary and I thought of playing together at home. Together with our action figures of Heroes.

     "S-sorry, Mary! It was really a accident!" I tried to convince her that it was a accident, that u didn't mean to destroy her midnight action figure

    "I don't care! You meanie!!" She puffed other cheeks, and stomped out of the room.

    "I'm telling mom!!" She screamed as she walked down the hallway.


    I don't remember quite well what happened after that, only that I got a scolding from mum.

    "Midoriya? Are you okay?" Ida kun asked with concerned look on his face. I didn't even realise that I stopped walking.

   "Yeah, I'm all right." I answered, scratching the back of my head.

    "Deku kun, is it about Mary?" Uraraka asked

    I looked down, and covered my face.

    "Yes, it is. When I saw you ad Ida kun bickering, I just thought if how we used I fight. I'm sorry, I shouldn't drag the both of you into my business."

   I felt a hand on my shoulder, and saw Ida looking at me in the eye.

    "Midoriya, if you ever need to talk, Uraraka and I are here to lend a ear. "

   "Thanks guys, I really appreciate it."

   As we turned to the next corner, we suddenly heard screams.


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