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Hazard 》Boku No Hero Academia #YFBookAwards2018 by Autogirls
Hazard 》Boku No Hero Academia #YFB...by Lina_Lovebug
Aizawa Shouta has a daughter. Although many people have never thought of Aizawa as the 'fatherly type', his closest friends can say that she grew up just fine. As the li...
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Bokugo x Reader by AngelSeasonxx
Bokugo x Readerby Angel Season
F/n. Quirk-Water manipulation F/n enrolled into UA highschool. She passed the entrence example while keeping under the radar, not showing of her true powers at the very...
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Occurrence (Dadzawa) by ididntask05
Occurrence (Dadzawa)by Mads
When tragedy strikes and Izuku is left motherless, he runs away from home hoping to find a safe haven. He bumps into the pro hero Eraserhead believes he is safe only to...
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Military Villain by Izuku_Prince
Military Villainby Izuku Prince
Izuku was taken away from Japan by his father after finding out he was quirkless. He was brought to America where he was trained in the military. After 9 long years of p...
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Deku's Herogram| @DekuMight by MissTheOldYou
Deku's Herogram| @DekuMightby MissTheOldYou
Hey guys! @Uravityxoxo told me to make this account so here I am ☺︎ PLUS ULTRA! -----------------------I obviously do not own My Hero Academia or any of the characters...
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A Sky Full of Stars (Izuku Midoriya x Reader) by Ihavenolife842
A Sky Full of Stars (Izuku Midoriy...by Hilabean
(Y/n) is a foreigner from America and it is her first day at UA. She meets meets new people, including Midoriya Izuku, who will soon become her close friend.... and mayb...
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Overseas | BNHA | Badass Izuku by bnhaisareligion
Overseas | BNHA | Badass Izukuby ⫷Hyper Child⫸
Izuku hit his breaking point with Bakugo and in the heat of the moment decided to move to America. 5 years later he is asked to come back to Japan and drags his new frie...
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In our Youth by MLRober
In our Youthby Lila Robin
Izuku is known as Deku online. He's an analyst of quirks, sometimes even working with the local detective, Tsukauchi, on a case. He meets new friends, builds a few relat...
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apathy by vigilantedekus
apathyby todo is pissed
ap·a·thy /ˈapəTHē/ noun lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern By the time that Bakugo puts his hand on Izuku's shoulder and tells him to jump off the roof, Izuku is b...
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Class 1-A Group Chat  by _Insane_Bookworm_
Class 1-A Group Chat by Soba.sonaai
just as the title says. but they're crackheads literal crackheads especially one person in general enjoy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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Swan dive (BNHA) by Bluogreensea
Swan dive (BNHA)by Bluo
Not all advice is good advice. But even bad advice can be better than it may seem. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of faith. Or a willingness to face the end.
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One by One by EmmaSmoke
One by Oneby Poof
Aizawa knew that he should have expelled Class 1A when he first met them. Now, he's stuck playing father figure to 20 problem children, plus whoever decides to make an a...
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Caged Bird - BNHA Band AU by RisingInhate
Caged Bird - BNHA Band AUby SusPIcioUS...
A BNHA Band AU where our loveable sunshine boy Izuku Midoriya was born with a bird quirk. Due to suspected cheating, Midoriya's parent broke up. He was forced to move in...
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Quirkless Rejects by KrumbleKitty
Quirkless Rejectsby KrumbleKitty
Izuku Midoriya has grown up quirkless and bullied by his classmates because of this. Inko Midoriya has been coming home drunk since Izuku was 6 and physically abusing hi...
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Watching Izuku in Different Worlds (Bnha) by Btsxanime95
Watching Izuku in Different Worlds...by Arminie
It was a pretty normal day in Class 1-a for the first time in their life is like Mr. Aizawa's dream come true but unknownest to them someone decided to ruined their 'rel...
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Izuku's Biomnitrix by Idknows
Izuku's Biomnitrixby Idknows
The title will be changed later.....hopefully. In here, I plan on having Izuku the biomnitrix as his quirk, he was born with it! Dont complain, and master control wont b...
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Commander Mint by glidingshadow
Commander Mintby Shadow-san
izuku midoriy,at the age of five was deemed quirkless due to the xray machine showing a different patient's xray by mistake due to a drunk doctor. when hasahi midoriya (...
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New Perspective [BNHA Fanfiction] by FlorenceEdurot
New Perspective [BNHA Fanfiction]by Mischievous Apple LOL
Is it really wrong for a quirkless child to dream of becoming a hero? Most people would say Yes, right? Well, how about a quirkless Celestial mage, hm? Izuku had been q...
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tododeku - one shots by kirishimajpn
tododeku - one shotsby ass head
s = smut f = fluff a= angst mainly tododeku, sometimes i have kiribaku stories. and in very rare cases it'll contain: -ochaco x asui -kaminari x sero -jirou x momo
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I'll Be A Hero (Todoroki x OC) by theofficialSOC
I'll Be A Hero (Todoroki x OC)by Kashiwa Aizawa
Kashiwa Aizawa, the daughter of Eraserhead, has been a distant, impassive and strong type of person. She's been that way ever since six years ago. Just as she is strong...
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