⇘ Chapter 6 ⇙

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Mary's POV

10000000000000000095738 seconds...1000000000000000000095739 seconds... 1000000000000000000095740 seconds... So many seconds...

Aaaaaand we've been walking forever. Though this animals were nice enough to help me, we've been walking for a tad bit too long. I looked to my right, to my left, then forward. Finally, I saw a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

"Yes! Finally!" I happily cheered.

"We have reached our destination, human." The deer said.

I ran ahead of the deer and out of the tunnel, careful not to drop any of the sleeping animals. At the other end, the forest looked more spectacular. There were more trees, with a lake. The birds sang beautiful songs, and at last at the middle of it all was a cliff, with a tower like house on top of it.

 The birds sang beautiful songs, and at last at the middle of it all was a cliff, with a tower like house on top of it

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Such a beautiful house...

"Human, you said that you have no more home to return to, yes?"


"Then you should stay in that house. It has all the materials needed to block out all the elements such as rain and the sun."

I looked back at the house, and thought.

Yes it's beautiful but... How about Izu nii and Mom...?

I shooked my head.

No no no! I have to do this! To protect my family and Kacchan! Kacchan... I didn't think about him at all... Oh yeah... Our promise... I told him we'll never break it. But... I HAVE to do this, to protect them! So it's decided! I'll stay here until I can get a hold of my quirk! Until then, I'll never leave the house!

"I'll stay here!"

Izuku's POV

"Hello, doctor."

Mom and I walked into the doctor's office, ready to ask question.

"I assume you know why we're here today?"

"Of course. Shall we start the start the questions?"

"Yes. I wanted to ask you, why does Mary have a quirk that neither my nor my husband's ancestors have before? I don't recognize it."

"That, ma'am, is a very rare phenomenon. Only 0.9% of the world has a quirk which his or her family never had before."

"I also realised that Mary also had another quirk. Her hair transformed into multiple snakes. It seemed unnatural, even in this time and age."

The doctor leaned back a little, and made a hmm sound, like he's in deep thought.

"Well, I've also never heard of such a quirk. It may be a new found quirk, one that no one has before."

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