Showtime Part 1

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3rd Person

As Jake stood in the hall way the whole room basked in silence , not even a breath could be heard.

Confused and bewildered Logan and Jeff stood in the hallway speechless whilst a shocked Liv waddled towards Jake holding her bump close like a heavy bag of groceries as she slowly walked across the room in her strapped heels.

She stood facing Jake looking up at him, his deep brown eyes pulling her in with every glare. Suddenly Logan pulled her back into her before asking him.

Logan- "Jake, why are you here?" He rubbed his forehead with his large hands.

Liv- "And where's Lily and Max? Don't tell me you've left your girlfriend and baby son to sabotage our premiere... because truthfully Jake we've only got a hour to get ready as we're already behind schedule, we don't need more drama!"

She took a breath as Jeff patted her on the shoulder.

Jeff- "I couldn't of said it any better myself Liv"

Jake stood limp in the hallway, speechless yet full of confidence he replied.

Jake- "I'm here to support my big brother Liv, Lily is with Max downstairs and I thought we could join you to the premiere since Mom and Dad are coming and your parents Liv. It's only fair that I get to see one of my brothers achievements!"

Liv's POV

I couldn't help but be angry, I don't know if it was the pregnancy hormones or the fact that I still held a grudge against Jake no matter how nice he's being. To me he'll always be a dick.
I grasped Logan's arm as he glared at Jake.

Logan- " You get one chance Jake, fuck it up and I'm never taking you to anything again!" Logan used his index finger to point in his face causing Jake to step back.

Jake inhaled and nodded his head before putting his hands up and taking a step back. He managed to get down the bottom of the hallway before déjà vu kicked in from the time he was at Maisie's gender reveal party which caused me to jolt in frustration clenching my fist in anger.

Logan places his hand on my bump like he knew I was having bad memories and he needed to protect me and his future child. He placed his lips against mine slowly, his sweet kiss was crisp and made me hungry for more.

Before he could say a word Logan was rushed down the hallway and I was dragged along behind Logan waddling as fast as my legs could carry me before being rushed into a room filled with paparazzi flashing their cameras about and calling out names. And slowly we began walking across the red carpet. I felt glamorous and unreal like it was some sort of dream. Logan smiled at me grasping my arm close to stop me from falling in my heels as thousands of people screamed at us. This had to be the best moment of my whole life My family here , my adoring husband whom stars in the film with and honestly nothing could stop this bliss.

But I spoke too soon...

We nearly got to the end of the carpet before I felt a pain in my abdomen. I thought to myself that something was wrong or the timing was being a bitch I jolted in pain before Logan quickly crouched down before anyone could notice what was going on.

"Princess, what's wrong" Logan whispered.

There's only a few points in your life where it's acceptable to lie to your partner one for example if their cooking is really shit but you don't want to hurt their feelings. Or if your partner buys an ugly shirt or dress and you lie about how it looks then magically it goes missing 2 days later never to be seen again....Unfortunately This was at the unacceptable time.

"I'm fine it was just a kick"

I lied...

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