Fuck buddies / Anthony Trujillo  by t10_tony
Fuck buddies / Anthony Trujillo by t10_tony
"I'm serious. We're just fuck buddies, okay?"
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Single Dad by jakepaul_4l
Single Dadby jakepaul_4l
Read to find out
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jake and anthony imagines by sebastianshugs
jake and anthony imaginesby shelby 💛
{in random order}
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High School Pregnancy(Logan Paul) by JaLosaepaul
High School Pregnancy(Logan Paul)by Logan Paul’s girl
Erika costell starts a new school and meets a cute boy. They fall in love and Erika accidentally gets pregnant. Then they try to figure things out. (#Real Smut)
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daddy pauls | smut  by restrictedpaul
daddy pauls | smut by - taylor
"daddies gonna make you scream tonight babygirl" jake & logan paul smut MATURE CONTENT !!!
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Part of the Squad? by Beautiful_Hoosier
Part of the Squad?by Dreamer
Parker is Jake and Logan Pauls sister. She has always been the out cast of the three. She takes their videos and pictures for their social media, and always behind the c...
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Married life a Anthony Trujillo Story by rachelred08
Married life a Anthony Trujillo St...by rachelred08
Jerika and Chessa are loving the "married life" and Jake and Chance love teasing Anthony about being single. Anthony gets tired of it and decides to find himse...
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Jake Paul You Don't See by FightingBreaks
Jake Paul You Don't Seeby FightingBreaks
Everyone says Jake Paul, is a awful person, quick to anger, abusive, unforgiving, and full of himself, right? Tada here's the Jake Paul haters see.
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Jerika HighSchool  by Blossem_Lollipop
Jerika HighSchool by Amanda and Neci
This is a story about a boy named Jake Paul and a girl named Erika Costell. They meet in HighSchool and potentially might be HighSchool sweethearts! But on there adventu...
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Don't Fall in Love!!! by JerikaShiz
Don't Fall in Love!!!by JerikaShiz
Erika's Costell - She only has her brothers as her friends, her twin Anthony, her oldest brother Max she doesn't really get Along with other girls. Jake Paul - He has a...
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Cali Girl》》Paul Bro, WDW, and Shawn Mendes Story  by splashOFpauls
Cali Girl》》Paul Bro, WDW, and Shaw...by <3love you
A WDW, Shawn Mendes and Paul fanfic--updates regularly Life changes in an instant, and with that instant comes money, fame, and heartbreak. #228 in fanfic
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Lil Marais ⇒ Why Don't We by HappilyJodie
Lil Marais ⇒ Why Don't Weby 👸🏼
My life hasn't always been easy, having fame and money doesn't make you happy but one person who makes me happy is my big brother Jonah Mararis you might know him from W...
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Jerika - The BIG Secret 👶🏼 by CostellxPaul
Jerika - The BIG Secret 👶🏼by 🐐 J E R I K A 🦖
Jake Paul and Erika Costell meet and have instant chemistry. Erika becomes Jakes assistant. Jake and Erika start to fall for eachother, but before they can fall complete...
  • jerika
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Jerika - All We Need Is Love❤️ by CostellxPaul
Jerika - All We Need Is Love❤️by 🐐 J E R I K A 🦖
A Jake Paul And Erika Costell story. Jake and Erika secretly date for 4 months, Jake finally fines away to announce their love. Erika falls pregnant and sadly miscarriag...
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We Need You...[Sequel To Pregnant By Him] by iiAGP_Goatii
We Need You...[Sequel To Pregnant...by Ana&Ari
{Plz read the first book "Pregnant by him" or else you won't know what the hell is going on!!!} [Sequel to "Pregnant by him"] Erika Costell went to a...
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I'm A Paul(Under Editing) by Sarahpurvisturtle
I'm A Paul(Under Editing)by I'm Sarah
Anything can happen when you're a Paul.
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Adopted By Jake Paul by 1800Suckups
Adopted By Jake Paulby jillian topping
Jake adopts a child and loves her to pieces! #1 in #Jillian
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Jerika-Did you actually like me?? by Lovelybookstories
Jerika-Did you actually like me??by Vanessa❣️
«During high school Jake arrived to a new school. He has feelings for Erika but doesn't know she actually likes him back but Erika did something she regretted that made...
  • jakepaul
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Jerika: Let's Stay by JakePauler1028
Jerika: Let's Stayby Jerika💙🦖🐐
When Jake's obsessive and mentally abusive ex-girlfriend comes to LA, how will Erika react? When toxic people come and go from Erika's and the rest of the teams lives...
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My Sexy Student (Jerika) by georgethepotatodino
My Sexy Student (Jerika)by georgethepotatodino
Jake Paul is a teacher in Western Reserve Academy (WRA), what will happen when model and dancer Erika Costell transfers to WRA.
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