Little Loganster and 50 Shades of Paul...

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It had been two weeks since the incident and I remember getting in that car with Jake was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Even now I've known him for such a short time but I feel like I've known him my whole life. That car ride seemed to last a lifetime all I could do was look at my phone full of messages and notifications.
I was now big news thanks to Jake and his camera, but it was kind of a relief to not have to hide mine and Logan's relationship. Which kinda made me think how much I missed him but the words he said about me broke me down. There's me thinking he  liked me back when in reality he was looking for a fuck and chuck and he took full advantage of me when I was vulnerable. Now who do I trust?

Jake turned to me still driving the car back to the Team 10 house and gave me a little smile that was so comforting like his brothers it gave me butterflies and I ended up facing away rudely. I stared out into the distance whilst the radio blared at me my memories of Logan flashing through my head then without warning I felt a hand on my knee and the thumb slowly caressing it. I turned to face a sorry looking Jake and I forced smiled back but inside I was crying.

Once we arrived to jakes house I was expecting the whole team 10 house to be there but in reality they haven't been there in weeks and the gang wasn't due back until after the Christmas holidays so it was just Jake and sometimes Paige his best friend in the house.
It looked so much smaller in the vlogs than in real life, the white walls made the rooms seem like they was going on forever. It was hard to comprehend that I wasn't watching all of this from a computer screen... this was real life and in the space of 4 weeks I'd got a star role in a movie and was out with one of the Internets most famous YouTubers. I was becoming someone I couldn't recognise.

It's now two weeks later and Jake was sat at the breakfast bar talking to me about his role in Disney the. He went on about getting me a part in a Disney show until I could get back on my feet. Overwhelmed with everything that had happened I crumbled to a little exhausted heap on the ground. Jake ran over to me and slowly bent down checking my head for my temperature. "You're burning up, let me take you to Alissa's old room then you can get a hot shower,some sleep and I'm sure she has some clothes you can borrow and not your old jogging bottoms you haven't taken off since you got here ."
I nodded at him still a bit faint as he guided me upstairs his smooth hands wrapped around my waist and he showed me into the room where I could have a shower and got ready for the night as Jake and I was going out for a fancy meal I was just about to get out the shower when a figure could be seen out the corner of my eye. Before I could scream or do anything the figure pinned me against the shower wall and began kissing me. It was Logan.
The water ran down my naked body and Logan's white shirt became see through I gasped as Logan's hands grasped my face. I was so happy to see him the past two week had felt like forever.
"I'm so sorry liv , I never meant anything that I said" he whispered as he placed his large hands on my wet body. I kissed him and his once fluffy hair was now dripping and the bathroom windows steamed up.

Before I could do anything a sinking feeling erupted my body and I felt the need to be sick.... all over Logan. I collapsed to the ground the next hour became a blur as Logan called for Jake and the two of them helped me out the shower onto the bed not long after the paramedics came and took a few tests politely Logan and Jake left the room waiting patiently on the other side of the door.

"Luckily for you it's not meningitis or anything worse Miss White." The Paramedic explained
"But I do have some shocking news for you. You're pregnant congratulations!"

That's when Logan barged through the door.


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