Little Lady

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Logans POV 


Today was the day we were finally getting discharged and I'd never been so happy in my life.Shes been growing and now weighs 4 Pounds 6oz. Her eyes are now starting to change and she's roughly the size of a small newborn baby rather that the fetus she was when she was born. she is no longer on life support and she can breathe on her own. 

Liv let me choose an outfit whilst  I was out as we bought all  boy clothes and even so they wouldn't fit her tiny body. She only just fit in Premature baby clothes. I took great care to dress her lifting her tiny fragile arms up and into her little dress. the dress was pastel pink and it had a button up front I lifted her legs to put on her beige tights. and a baby band that me and Liv gifted to her that had her name on it.

I carefully placed her into the car seat and Liv was being wheeled out of the hospital where I heard her call my name in panic. That's when we were greeted by the hundreds of fans who had  flowers. They must of thought the baby had died as many were crying and had teddys and cards. They were not screaming at us and instead crowded round and one by one gave Liv a hug condoling her on her loss. That's when Liv broke her silence. I was hiding with our baby inside the hospital behind the one way glass window. She slowly stood up from her wheelchair very carefully as she was still recovering as a few Logangsters helped her onto her feet , everyone was silent.

"You don't understand how much this means to me and Logan the past two weeks Have been very difficult as our baby was unfortunately born 5 weeks early there was so many complications we both wish we could of said something to you but we watched you all arrive from our window and honestly if it wasn't for you guys and your support  I doubt I'd even be leaving here alive."  many girls had their phones out and was recording. 

" We're sorry Liv, The baby will all be in our hearts" one fan said whilst passing a bouquet of roses.

"There's no need for anyone to be sad or cry" she said whilst wiping a tear from a fans cheek like a motherly character to them all " Listen guys Logan and i have someone we'd like you to meet" 

That's when i walked out with the sleeping baby girl in the car seat with a white blanket over her car seat. All the fans gasped and screamed. 

I shushed the Logang warning them not to wake the baby but I couldn't help my self but smile. All of the tears and sadness turned to smiles and joy Liv began to cry with happiness as she went over to hug me.

"Can we see him?" one fan asked "Whats his name" another one shouted.

Liv faced away from the logang and picked up the infant i carefully shadowed her to make sure she didn't hurt herself bending down with her stitches.

"She is perfect guys, Small but perfect" The logang gasped and all you could hear was camera flashes going off and people gasping "SHE".

Liv turned and faced the logang with our daughter squirming about in her arms. "she's beautiful just like her mother" one logangster in the front said.

"Logan chose her name and her name is ... " she looked at me. 

I smiled and Looked out to the audience and I scratched my face  I walked over to our daugter and placed her in my giant forearms. I looked down at the baby her tiny eyes beading on me. i give her a soft smile stroking her head before looking up to the many fans.

"Her name is Maisie, Maisie Pamela Emilia Paul " 


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