Rise of the Paul

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Liv's POV

We'd got on the plane just in time for take off. Just me and and Logan sat in first class on our way to the premier of our first featured film 50 shades of Paul.

I was wearing my bran new peach  L&L maternity merch line which  fitted my large bump nicely, my hair half up and huge designer glasses and I have to say ... I was killing it ! Logan was obviously flashing the maverick merch with his usual gym pants and maverick hat. He grasped my hand with his and stroked it slowly, I placed my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes.

Before we knew it we was in London. Stepping out of the plane the cold weather hit my face sending chills down my spine.

"Oh my god it's fucking freezing... how do people cope living here " Logan whined gripping his hoodie and pulling his hoodie strings all the way so only his nose was poking out. I breathed in the sharp autumn air and then it hit me ...

I was home.

We took a taxi to the hotel we was staying at Logan still wrapped up in his Hoodie arms crossed refusing to do except the coldness that was England. We managed to make it up to the room before Logan in his words could supposedly 'Die of hypothermia'.
The last time I was back home was the wedding and just The hectic atmosphere of London never failed to bring a smile to my face. This was Logan's first time being shown London properly without the pressure of a wedding that we were on the last time we arrived. We actually got to see some of the sites and landmarks whilst driving around before we got to the hotel. We were hoping we could get a little sleep before the premiere tonight as we were jetlagged and grumpy. But our team and manager had other ideas...

Before we even turned the key to our room we was pulled into two hair and makeup chairs. There must've been around 20 people shoved into this tiny room. Our manager Jeff gave us a big smile as he walked into the room before sitting down in the chair in front of us as make-up artists poked and prodded at our faces plucking eyebrows and dabbing make-up on to our faces.

"Welcome to Britain guys! I have to say with come along way since you two first met at that auditions studio and believe me you've both worked so hard for this. Tonight is all about you both and I want to make sure you both enjoy it as of course you are my stars!" Jeff said whilst placing his hand on both of our shoulders.

"it's only 3PM the premier doesn't start till nine Jeff ... why do we need to get ready so early? " Logan muttered as a make up sponge dabbed his lips.

"You see Logey bear I've got A night of stardom planned for you both obviously no drinking you too ....you know" Jeff looked down and stroked my bump as Logan looked at him in a confused manner before placing his hand on it straight after almost as a sign of dominance.

"my boy... i've got Press waiting outside the premier and they all want to hear the latest gossip with the worlds biggest YouTube power couple."

I but in.

"Press?" I look at Logan in shock.

"like who though?" I followed.

Jeff stood up again and paced about he smiled before taking his sunglasses off...

"everyone... And when I say everyone I mean Buzzfeed , Daily Mail, clever ,heat, BBC, ITV, CNN, ABC, Channel 1 you name it .... they're going to be here and they're here for you! " The excitement arose in his voice yet the panic in mine grew larger.

"But I look stupid Jeff I'm nine months pregnant today I will actually be walking around looking like I've shoved a melon up my clothes... nothing I could possibly wear will make me look nice. Is good for Logan as he can just shove a Suit on and the job is done if he Combes his hair. People just look at me and feel uncomfortable Jeff. " I protest.

He gave a brief smile before quickly running out of the room. Our hair and make up was almost done and Jeff came running in holding a dress sealed up on a white hanging bag...

" go change " he ordered..

I waddled into the dressing room in our hotel room. Where I was greeted by two very attractive women Who instantly came running over and grabbed the dress and simultaneously began to undress me all to my confusion....

The dress was tight and scooped my bump like ice cream. It was this shimmery gold colour that  when reflecting in the light glowed like a good highlighter. My make up with smoky eyes and a nude lip and my hair was curled  at the ends and I never look so different. I put on the heels and continued to walk back to where my husband was.

When I walked in the room I felt like I was in the Princess diaries you know that film with Anne Hathaway where she is walking down the steps looking hot as fuck ....yeah that one....

Out of the corner of my eyes I see a smart looking Logan gawping at me, his bottom jaw was almost fell off.

Before we could say anything to each other there was a knock at the door and everyone around stopped.

Jeff opened the door and shouted to Logan.

"Erm logan you might want to see this... "

Logan popped his head round the corner before standing there in silence. Being the curious human I am to get the whole room quiet and get Jeff and Logan just stop what they're doing and stare you must be quite important and so I looked on right in the doorway you stood...


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