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- LC 💕💕


The room which we were shown into was cold and lifeless  apart from a small black leather couch facing two white chairs, Pointing towards the couch was a large camera behind it a lightning set and microphones beside the pristine couch on each side. The walls were whiter than snow the dark wooden flooring gave the room a formal but empty feel. The only thing actually comforting about the room was one lone painting of a young girl stood out in the rain with a boy passing her a umbrella.

The pair walked in with two smart yet informal looking lady's. Logan taking the lead he sat down on the leather couch and prompted Liv to sit next to him. The couch was small and Logan took up 3/4 of it meaning Liv was pressed up against him. Suddenly the interviewers shouted for the crew to come in as tens of people hurried into the room and took position they started setting up. Liv was shaking the room was incredibly cold , not to mention the pressure was building up inside her was almost too much for her to handle as her eyes became swollen with tears.

Without warning Logan's soft hands scooped hers and stroked them ever so gently, Liv's heart raced even more and her lip started to tremble she couldn't take it much longer. The interviewers oblivious ti a thing as they picked up their scripts and started with the questions . The strong lighting shone into Liv's eyes and she could barely see the lone man with his phone in the doorway peering at their hands.


Interviewer 1- Today on E! News we are joined by Ex vine star Logan Paul and British rising star Liv White to talk about their new movie which we're about to announce live in a few minutes, stay tuned ! You don't want to miss this.

----- There was a long pause until ----
3....2...1 ...we're live

Interviewer 2- Thank you so much both of you for being on the show its amazing to have you ! But anyway back to the film I'm sure the logang are desperate to hear the name of the film , your characters ? Please tell us more!

Logan -   Well I can now proudly announce my character will be called Alec Gray and Liv will be playing Olivia Harriot so.....

Interviewer 1- This just in .... The call lines are going crazy as Logan Paul himself has announced the new 50 Shades of Gray film will star himself and Liv White this is official !

Liv- Wait no .... What.. Logan ... You've got to be joking

Logan- Surprise darling

Liv's POV
Suddenly Logan's manager rushed through the doors and grabbed me and Logan rushing us out and shouting at the producers on his way. We was shoved into a car with blacked out windows and we both say in silence waiting for someone to say the first word. Jeff ,Logan's manager turned around from the front seat and scorned at us  ...

"Logan what did I tell you .... The one rule ..." Logan snapped back

"What ? You didn't tell me shit "

he folded his muscular arms and his face crumpled.

"Look at this you two ... You made from page in less then 30 minutes "

He passed a phone with an article with a large picture of Logan holding my hand in that interview room. My face turned white and I felt lightheaded.
I whispered

" Logan ..." But he ignored me

"What the fuck !'

Ex Vine star and actor Logan Paul caught feeling up with Liv White the failed Youtuber and rumour has  Bankrupt and homeless! Is Logan really that desperate '

"THATS FUCKING FUFU MAN , HOW DARE THEY...Liv ? Are you okay ... Dude she's passed out we gotta go to mine , now " .

I woke up in a bed with white sheets which looked so familiar yet so strange. A bird could be heard from what I thought was outside. And I opened my eyes a little wider to see Logan Paul sat on the edge of the bed wearing nothing but boxers. My eyes fixed on the large bulge packed into the small boxers . He caught me staring and a cheeky grin arose on his face ... I panicked and jumped up grabbing my coat

"Logan ! I'm so sorry I'll go I promise let me just get ...."

I was stopped in my tracks , putting his index finger to my lips slowly wrapping his large hand around my waist and stroking my face with the other. My body trembling with every second he was next to me.

"I need you " he whispered.

Without any hesitation I grab his face and pull him on to mine the feeling tingling throughout as his lips synced into mine.

Before I knew it he was taking my clothes off his bear like hands caressing my skin.

And he shoved me on the bed ....


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