Daddy's Girl

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Logan's POV

A girl...

"We got told it was a boy? Is she going to be okay is she warm enough, is she going to make it "I bombarded the older midwife.

"Well you obviously got told wrong, 99.9% of the time the genders come out accurately but it looks like your little lady wanted to make sure you knew she was a girl a little bit too early. And she's stable for now but honestly with premature babies we just don't know."

I walked up to the tiny incubator with the one heat lamp on in the dark cold room and looked down to see my daughter.
Her arms were the size of my fingers and tubes were coming out of her like she was some sort of machine. Her little body jolted about to the beats of her heart which could be seen from her chest cavity so easily.
I stroked her face through the arm holes in the incubator. Her hair that was so blonde when she was born now had darkened into a dark chocolate  just like her mothers yet had a blonde shimmer to it like mine. Her big eyes with long dark eyelashes and her thumb like head, her bendy nose was the spit of me .

Or was it Jake...

"We've taken a sample to the Lab for the paternity test and we should know in two weeks Mr Paul, is there anything else I can do for you ? "

I stared down at the small baby and smiled,

"Can I hold her? " I whispered to the nurse my tears of sadness now replaced by this urge of love and protectiveness towards this baby. My baby.

The nurse nodded and sat me down in this large armchair next to the window and told me to take off my blood soaked vest top. She was placed of my chest her little fragile body sprawled out across me as I tucked one hand underneath her body and the other on her head. The nurse lecturers me how important skin to skin contact is with newborns and how the first skin to skin contact is the most important to help form bonds between mother and baby.  Or in my case Father and baby. Since they took Liv away before she had the chance to see her.
Liv was still in theatre, it had been 4 hours since the birth and they were telling me nothing.

It was then the nurse left us alone. Just me topless cradling my lifeless looking 5 week premature baby whom could be motherless.
Suddenly a squeaking noise came from her mouth and I stared at her like a soldier stares at a bomb. Was I hurting her? I cradled her closer and kissed her head. Then it finally kicked in. I had a daughter, me Mr Logan Paul has a daughter who in the next18 years I'm going to be taking her to her first ballet or football lesson, taking her out to the park, teaching her how to do gymnastics like me, plaiting her hair for her first day at school ,shouting and screaming at for not cleaning her room and chasing her boyfriend down the street for breaking her heart, embarrassing her by doing the splits in public and providing ice cream and movie nights on down days. Her first date, her first prom , walking her down the isle one day.

Never thought that in a space of 5 hours my opinions of life would change so quick. I went from happy go lucky, immature and a crazy 22 year old boy who only cared about himself and his career to being engaged to the most beautiful women, having such a large fan group, and having a Daughter who I've only known for 5 hours yet she's the only girl who has ever stolen my heart.

I couldn't even think of a name for her. Not without Liv.

I could see the sun slowly rising in the distance reflecting onto everything it touched including my chest muscles and my daughter it made her wake up a bit as her big beady eyes locked to mine even though she can't focus on thing until a few months if she even makes it to live that long with all her problems. I lifted my hands as I rocked my active little princess to sleep he little lips sucking on my pinky finger so I started singing her a song, a song my Mom used to sing to me and Jake as kids to help us calm down after something bad happened which always reminded me that it was going to be okay. I began to stroke her head.

*whispering whilst singing
"Come with me my love To the sea the sea of love , I want to tell you how much I love you. Do you remember when we met? That's the day I knew you were my pet I want to tell you how much I love you. Come with me my love to the sea the sea of love ... " I stuttered as I sang crying with every last note. "I'm sorry princess I did this to you"

Someone held my shoulder in comfort.

" It was no ones fault Logan but the most important thing that he is here" a croaky voice said from a wheelchair behind me, it was a extremely exhausted pale Liv.

I hugged her still with our baby in my hands as I passed our daughter over.

"It's a girl Liv ...( I cleared my throat ) I mean .. She's a girl" . We're a family now.

She looked at me in horror. As she stared down at the infant

"He's a girl ? " a smile beamed from her face as she lifted up the tiny baby.

"Our girl " I said

"Daddy's Girl" Liv whispered.

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