Flesh and Blood

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"Another baby? What do you mean another baby you told us there was only one, and that was a girl because SOMETIMES the scan gets read wrong!" Logan's voice became stern and sharp.

The older midwife looked at Liv and kneeled down so she was eye level to her.

"You was in a critical condition Liv any sudden change and we would of lost you., the babies weren't  premature because of stress the boy had the cord wrapped around his neck and began to suffocate as soon as his sister was born. Yes it is extremely rare to have two different biological fathers but it's not impossible if the time they were conceived was close." She paused to breathe

"As the statement said Logan you are the father to that baby girl behind you and you make an amazing father. Unfortunately Jake and Liv you have to come with me..."

Liv's heart sank in her chest, she didn't even realise she had another child until now, there must of been a reason that the nurses, doctors and midwifes were hiding him away from her. Jakes face turned a pale white as the color drained from his skin, you could see he knew what had happened.

Logan was left with his daughter whilst Liv and Jake were taken down to lowest floor in the hospital where there was one ...lonely ...dark ...door. A lady was wheeled out in a wheelchair, she had obviously just had a baby as well ,she was in hysterics screaming at the nurses "why me" over and over again. I grasped Jakes hand as he pushed Liv's wheelchair, despite what he did to her they both were hurting.

We entered the dark room to see what seemed like hundreds of babies in incubators even more tubed up than Logan's daughter they both looked in all the incubators with the names of the babies on the paperwork some babies were deformed or had contracted illnesses and this place filled with tiny bodies was basically quarantine for newborns and preemies.

'Jessica Harlow ' one note read attached to an incubator with a extremely poorly baby which made Liv think of what was so horrendous that the nurses had to keep her son away from her.

It was then right at the back in a separate room they stopped. A blanket covered the incubator and tubes containing blood and other liquids were being pumped from underneath the blanket. One single dull light could be seen from underneath the blanket showing the silhouette of a baby.

'Baby Boy JPaul' it read on the note attached to the blanket. Jake at this point was holding back the tears his bottom lip trembling as he lifted up the blanket. Liv however refused to look.

Jake removed the yellow dusty blanket revealing his son.

Livs POV -

As Jake took the blanket off the incubator I turned away expecting to see a deformed child who was on the brink of death and I couldn't bring myself to say goodbye to my son when I hadn't even said hello. I was to weak and tired to loose anyone else in my life, I already lost Jake.

I heard a gasp followed by tears. I flinched at every noise that came out of his mouth.
That when I heard a whisper.

"He's the most beautiful baby boy I've ever seen, he's perfect." Jake whispered to Me.

Jakes POV-

He was tiny, even smaller than his sister. His skin was bright red and I could see his blue hands quiver they were the size of my fingernail . His neck was bent and he had a birth mark just above his chest. He was so fragile and small his eyelids took up half of his face and he was the same size as a baby on one of them abortion commercials. My heart broke just staring at him, watching him struggling to breathe every last breath looked painful. I could only watch.

"Have you thought of a name for him since you're his mother..? " I said stroking the baby boys tiny head.

"Well I was thinking Blue " Liv said calmly.

"He doesn't look like a blue though, he looks like a Savage" I chuckled, not once taking my eyes off him.

"Well how about you decide Jake as long as you do not call our son savage... " she said...

"Are you sure? "

"100% sure Jake"

My mind wondered, what was I going to call my son, my only son...

"Gregory ... after my dad ..."

"Well that's our sons name then ...  Gregory ( Your dad ) Christopher (my dad) Paul..." Liv said chipperly.

"My son Gregory Christopher Paul"

Liv looked at him and I could tell we both had the same feeling ...


Then the one flimsy light went off, Liv shouted "What's going on ? Hello , anyone? "
Suddenly the heart rate monitor went off on our sons machine and a midwife came into the room and stood there. She did nothing.

Confused and scared for my sons life I saw Liv screaming at the plain face midwife who was telling us it was too late to do anything. Liv struggling to get out  of the wheelchair she ran towards our baby and picked him up. He had gone into Cardiac arrest and had uncontrollable spasms yet the midwife had left the room and locked the door. Almost like she was trying to murder our son.
But why....

I grasped Liv's face with my two hands. Our  son was slowly dying in her hands and Liv's face was soggy from the tears.

"I'm sorry I really am. For taking you , for causing this. This is karma that I'm loosing my son but I have to try something. "

I grab my son and try to resuscitate him ... but it was too late...

I didn't leave that room. I spent hours trying to bring him back his little body that was once so red drained from color and turned white and cold I wrapped him up in his baby blanket and just sat with him all night...

Liv left not long after Gregory passed and went back to Logan and their daughter while I was left with the tiny corpse of my late son thinking what could of been...

Because life is short and shit. It's not always happily ever after and people get hurt. We raise our children to be scared of words and forget how hard it is too loose someone who was in physical pain. No one really matters in this world we're all just microorganisms on this rock and I'm the same as any other person. I'm a celebrity but in reality that's nothing. My son died and Liv moved on. And she was going to pay...

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