Glad I crashed the wedding...(Featuring the competition winners)

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I was putting one step in front of the other my 19 year old cousin Kennedy passed me my  flowers , I could feel the eyes staring at me but I wasn't scared. My dad gripped my hand and stroked it ever so lightly, I had been looking at the floor for so long making sure I didn't fall that I didn't even notice we were already at the front until Logan lifted up my vail and placed his hand on my cheek stroking it ever so softly. Lifting my chip up to reveal the most handsome guy I had ever seen. Logan was wearing a black tuxedo his hair had been cut shorter and he had a clean shave. His large blue eyes looked me up and down as he let out a few tears smiling down at the floor. This set me off and we both blubbered like babies at how lucky we were to have eachother.

" You look beautiful Liv, I'm well and truly the luckiest man alive"

Before the ceremony started everyone was seated all 400 people in this London cathedral out of all the times I've been on stage, even with mine xand Logan's movie coming out in the next two weeks, I have never been so scared in my life that something would go wrong. But looking into them eyes reminded me of all the times we've shared.
Before I knew it it was time to say our vows.

Logan looked at me stroking my hand.

"Olivia ... since the day I met you I knew we had something special. We met in such weird circumstances but every day i was without you I knew something was missing. You make me complete. I was a young idiot when I met you I didn't care about anyone apart from my self and my reputation, But little did I know that that was the start of our beautiful life together . You've not only given me a home to come back to, you've given me the most beautiful little girl I could ever ask for and the best moments of my life haven't been making movies or bull riding. It's the mornings I get to spend with the sunbeams shining through our window looking at your beautiful face with our daughter next to us, that's when the world just stops for a second and let's me embrace the moment. I love you Liv . And I always will. "

I tried to hold back the tears as I started choking up at the altar so I started my vows.

"Logan Paul... I would never think at any possibility in any parallel universe I would be with you. I grew up in a small village and struggled to make ends meet yet thanks to my parents I managed to save up enough to buy a studio apartment in LA Three years ago. Since then I've become an actor, a savage, a Youtuber, a mother and a wife. When i had Maisie nearly a year and 6 months ago you was so supportive, you cared for me and her so well and I cannot appreciate enough how much that means to me. Since I met you I've fallen deeper and deeper in love with you. And I cannot wait until ... " that's when I heard a noise coming from outside which sounded so familiar.

"Do you Logan Alexander Paul take Olivia Jemima White to be your lawful wedded wife?" Logan stopped and smiled his perfect teeth glistening at me.

"I do" he said

"And you Olivia Jemima White take Logan Alexander Paul to be your lawful wedded husband.

"I do " I smiled

"You may now kiss the bride "

That kiss seemed to last a lifetime his soft lips linked to mine felt so natural but i needed to tell him... tell him why I was so nervous...

This was the best day of my life and it was about to get better.
We was both smiling as we raised a glass to toast.

"Guys on this very special day I also have an announcement... well for a while we've been trying but now it's official " Logan looked at me confused yet his smile couldn't budge off his beautiful face.

That's when the doors barged open and stood my 17 year old cousin Lily her young fresh blonde hair and her doll like face turned a red colour who was sweating head to toe hiding a large bump, as I locked eyes with her ...the exact same  words came out our mouths at the same time.

"Liv ....." she shouted

"I'm Pregnant " we both said...

Everyone stared at us, unable to process what had just happened until we saw who Lily was running from.

Jake barged in calling Lily's name...

"You ! " I scream...

I run towards him grabbing him by the neck and pushing him against the wall.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing here! Manipulating MY cousin.... first me ... then Logan now my 17 year old fucking cousin ! Get the fuck out before I kill you !! I scream. "

Lily piped up.

" Liv no .... wait  you can't do this"

Then I completely lost it....
What Lily he needs to stop ! First he manipulated me into living with him. He fucking raped me and got me pregnant for months I thought my baby wasn't Logan's but turns out I had FUCKING twins one was Jakes and he DIED ! SO DONT YOU DARE YOUNG LADY TELL ME I CANT DO THIS ON MY WEDDING DAY!"

"Liv you can't be getting this angry and stressed you'll do something to yourself and the baby and you Lily you both need to calm down"

I collapsed to the ground as Logan caught me and a distressed Maisie ran to me and began to cry.

"Jakes the Dad..."

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