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Logan's POV -

I hadn't seen Jake in a while so I sent Liv to find him. I still hadn't forgotten how he tried to manipulate Liv so that she'd leave me, my own brother did that.

I walk outside my apartment and find Jake forcing himself on a struggling Liv. Rage absorbed my body as I lashed out at Jake as he aimed to punch me but missed so I swung for him , my fist caving into his face again and again blood spitting out of his mouth until I grasped his terrified messed up face until he was inches away from my face.
I could feel his warm trembling breath on my face, I gritted my teeth at him.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING JAKE? " I pushed him hard into the wall and his nose trickled blood.

"HEY ? ARE YOU GOING TO ANSWER ME INSTEAD OF FORCING YOURSELF UP ON MY PREGNANT FIANCÉ, I'M YOUR FUCKING BROTHER!" That's when everyone came out of the flat grabbed Liv and stared at us...

I shook him vigorously and I could feel the tears run down as my bloody face leaked. The saliva in my mouth dropped out as I began to cry.
I couldn't hold it back placing my hands over my eyes I collapsed on to the wall of the corridor behind me.

"You're meant to be my brother Jake..."

There was a long silence.

"I trusted you and you know I love Liv." I said staring into his tired eyes not expecting a reply.

"And I love her too Logan ! Did you ever fucking take that into you're thick muscle head brain? Of course you didn't because all you care about it yourself. ( he began to mock Logan's voice) Logan wants a new house Logan gets a new house if Logan wants more money he gets it if he wants a girlfriend he gets one . You never settle down Logan because everything is always about YOU ! You get the girl who adores you and what do you do ? You give her a job just so you can sleep with her"

I but in.

" YOU KNOW THATS NOT TRUE' I stand up to him.

"You think you're so funny and perfect and that you're moms favourite but you ain't shit"

"GET OUT JAKE" I screamed as Jake stumbled onto his feet as everyone stood from outside my apartment.

"And you know what I'm going to have a perfect life with my WIFE and my SON without you Jake I don't need you ! "

"Your son ? You want to know something about YOUR SON LOGAN !!"
I could see his face reddening and I was ready to blow if he said one thing about my unborn child that would offend Liv or me. I ran towards my brother snarling like a protective dog  but Mark and George held me back.

"He's not your son!..." Jake screeched

"Well if he's not mine who is he's " i laughed knowing that the only men she was in contact with was me for the past 5 months I knew because I'd been watching her even though she was staying at ...



It couldn't be....

Mark and George looked at me Liv was crying but it was so surreal , people were talking but I couldn't hear a thing until.

Jake got into the elevator wiping the blood from his brow I collapsed onto the ground my whole world shattered then Jake grinned at Logan.

"He's mine"

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