What to expect when you're expecting (Logans POV)

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In Logan's head*

I woke up in my bed per usual the LA light gleaming through the window and birds could be heard from outside it was perfect. I turned to get up out of bed and went to grab my camera but it was no where to be seen. I thought maybe I had left it upstairs but that's not like me at all. I put on my pants and made my way upstairs to be greeted by the aroma of bacon and coffee.

A woman was stood in the kitchen with her chocolate brown hair messed up in a bun and her white vest top tucked into her grey shorts. It was Liv. Turning to face me I could see that she was heavily pregnant and although she was struggling to walk she made it look so effortless beaming a smile at me as she cradled her growing bump.

"Morning sweetheart, I made you breakfast!" She said calmly as she waddled over to the table with a large plate of food. Her large green eyes pulled me in as I walked over and gave her a kiss placing my hands on her stomach where my child was growing. I closed my eyes and embraced the moment. Suddenly I felt water on my legs, Liv's smile turned to panic and she fell to the floor her head hitting the corner of the oven as she fell. My arms were frozen I couldn't even help her so I just watched as she panicked and slowly bled out.
Fear arose her face and no matter how hard I screamed I wasn't saying a word
She was pushing and bleeding yet I couldn't do anything but watch.

I watched her give birth to a cold lifeless baby still not being able to speak my lungs filled up with what I could only describe as water as I watched the mother of my child reach out for me the life draining out of her eyes as she held the small body of our baby against her blood stained vest placing her hand out to reach me as she took her last breath. I just watched her fade away from me taking my happiness and life with her until I resulted to nothing.

There was no point of living without her.
"Logan ? Bro" Jakes voice shouted out towards me.

"Logan please wake up " Liv was there too.

Opening my eyes I saw that I was surrounded by paramedics touching me all over. The feeling of someone stroking my head was the only nice thing about it thankfully it was Liv.

"The baby!" I sat up and panicked staring at Liv.

"The baby's fine Logan I promise the paramedics just said I was dehydrated and had morning sickness, but we're going to have a baby!"

I couldn't believe it I was going to be a dad to someone but all that was racing through my head was that dream. The fear of loosing my baby the fear of loosing Liv I couldn't cope. I grasped her close to my large chest and refused to let her go ...well thats until a camera was pointed straight at my face.

"Jake Paulers look at Logan, he passed out the dumbass" he mocked. 

Blanking Jake I got up and thanked the paramedics and saw them out of jakes house before  getting ready to leave myself.

"Liv please come back with me, I'm sorry about what happened but that was in the past and I promise I will do nothing to hurt you or our baby. We can work on the movie and what's mine is yours. I completely understand if you don't want to come with me after the way I treated you but I promise you I will keep you and our baby safe and we can be a little family together just you, me and our baby."

Jake turned to her afterwards and placed his arm round her shoulder "Liv if you're not ready to go you can stay here with me?"

I saw that she was uncomfortable and was struggling to decide... until

"I'm sorry but I need to think of my baby now and the best person to be with at the moment is....."

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