Chapter 9: 9.14.2 Captives

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When a creature is released from Heaven or Hell, the area they land in is usually drenched in paranormal activity afterwards. The remains of their Grace or their Soul attract lost spirits stuck in the Veil or demons and angels trying to find their way. Eliza couldn't even imagine how much energy was still radiating around them from an Archangel escaping Hell in this area.

"Wait. This is where you were released when he sprung Lucifer out of the Cage?" Dean questioned, pointing down at the dirt he was standing on. Eliza nodded her head to the side and pointed to the hole behind her.

"More like there, but yeah. Pretty much." She brushed the remaining dirt from her hands and crossed her arms over her chest, letting out a sigh. "Four years. It doesn't even feel like that," she admitted. Sam chuckled, nodding.

"Well, of course it wouldn't. You were in the Cage with Lucifer for two. The Apocalypse was like a vacation for you," he told her. Eliza snorted, shaking her head.

"Vacation, my ass. I spent the whole year worrying about you two even though this one—" She gestured to Dean. "—wanted me gone the whole time. I can't even imagine the relief you must've felt when Lucifer pushed me in." Dean's eyebrows rose in shock.

"Relief? Relief? Oh, Eliza, trust me when I tell you that I thought we were completely screwed without you. Sam beat me to a pulp before snapping out of it and finishing his job, pulling Michael in with him. I had wish that you were there to help," Dean explained. Eliza pursed her blood red lips, furrowing her eyebrows in thought.

"Yeah, about that. How the hell did Michael get thrown into the Cage?" she inquired. Sam and Dean exchanged glances, Dean smiling sheepishly.

"Cas." Eliza raised a questioning eyebrow. "He pretty much molotoved him, pissed him off, Michael came back, and Sam pulled him in with him. Kill two birds with one stone, right?" Eliza stared at him flatly. "What? You hated the winged douchebag!" Dean defended. Eliza nodded her head to the side.

"Okay, yeah, I did," she agreed. Dean held his arms out in a 'thank you' gesture. "But I would've much rathered it be Lucifer and I down there. Michael just instigated everyone." Dean looked to Sam who nodded in confirmation.

"Yeah, he really did." Dean stared down at the ground in shock, nodding.

"Huh. I figured that would've been your dad." Dean clapped his hands together, his tongue darting out and swiping over his chapped lips. "Let's go summon Candy." Dean took off towards the gear, Eliza and Sam exchanging unsure glances.

"So this is really where you crawled out of Hell?" Sam questioned, turning back to look at the hole. Eliza nodded, placing his hands on her hips.

"Yep. My body must've been here when they dragged me down to Hell. I'm sure Gabriel hid it so that no one could destroy it," Eliza explained.

"Wouldn't you have been under two layers of Earth? How did you crawl out?" Sam asked. Eliza nodded, walking over to the hole.

"Well, that's the thing. I wasn't. I was surrounded by concrete, almost like a tomb of some sort. It's like it was well above the layers of Earth at the time," she replied. Sam's eyebrows rose, impressed.

"I guess Gabriel really did care for your safety." Eliza nodded in agreement. "Well, we should probably get back to Dean. Maybe we can investigate it later." Sam started to walk and Eliza followed, but stopped after a few steps and glanced back at the hole. She furrowed her eyebrows and cocked her head to the side, studying it. She had a weird feeling about that hole. Like there was something else in it.

"Later. You're doing this for Kevin," she told herself, stepping over a fallen tree and catching up to Sam and Dean.


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