Chapter 11: 9.16.2 Blade Runners

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Dean entered the main room of the Bunker with three beers in hand, giving one to Eliza before setting another down in front of Sam across the table. He noticed the distance that the two kept, but they never showed any sign of discomfort. Sam glanced up at Dean's movements, not letting him get a word in before he spoke.

"Hey. So...Cain said the First Blade was tossed in the deepest ocean, right?" Sam asked. Eliza glanced up from the book in front of her, listening. "That's the Mariana Trench. Maybe Crowley found it, and it's a double-cross." Dean furrowed his eyebrows and Eliza pursed her lips.

"That doesn't make sense," Dean replied. "He wants me to power it up and kill the ginger. He set it up." Eliza nodded, pointing a finger at Dean and grabbing his and Sam's attention as she thought it through. Maybe Sam was right.

"Okay. A-assuming he does show up with it, Crowley is only useful to us until we have the Blade," Eliza told him.

"Yeah. So?"

"So...there's nothing stopping us from using it on him, right?" Eliza continued. Dean paused, beer held mid-air as he processed the blonde's words. Crowley could've caught on by now. The Winchesters still weren't fond of him and Eliza wasn't fond of any demon that posed a threat to Humanity.

"Nothing at all," Dean agreed. Sam brought the beer bottle to his lips as Dean's phone started to ring. Eliza ignored it and continued with her book, cringing when she took a swig of the beer. She gagged and slid it towards Sam who eyed her in confusion. Dean glanced down at the caller ID. "Speak of the devil," he muttered. "Did you find the First Blade?"

"Not exactly," Crowley replied from the other line. He spoke slowly and tiredly, almost as if he were out of breath.

"Well, then, what, exactly?"

"I'm in... a jam of sorts. Thought you might help."

Eliza glanced up as Dean looked down at Sam with raised eyebrows. Eliza could hear the conversation and the King of Hell didn't sound too well.


Inside the hotel room, Dean leaned against the doorway to the bedroom, Sam seated in the chair closest to the door, and Eliza stood behind Sam. She wrinkled her nose at the mess. The hotel room was trashed. There was no other way to describe it. Empty bottles of alcohol littered the floor along with a few wrappers; the sheets were all rumpled and tossed around; blood stained the white plush carpet in different spots of the room where a few dead bodies lay. It looked like a murder scene, which it technically was.

The door opened to reveal Crowley dressed in his normal business attire, a brown paper bag in his grasp. He stopped abruptly at the sight of the three Hunters all staring back at him pointedly. He slowly closed the door behind him and slipped the keycard to the room in his pocket.

"Hello, boys," he greeted. He turned towards Eliza. "I would call you Ariel but it doesn't fit you anymore. How does Princess sound?" Eliza scoffed and rolled her eyes. She nudged the foot of a pale corpse next to her.

"And what do you call this?" she questioned. Crowley raised his eyebrows and shrugged.


Sam rolled his eyes.

"What's in the bag, Crowley?" the hazel-eyed Hunter demanded. Immediately, Crowley replied:


"Really? Maybe I can, uh—" Sam jumped up and snatched the bag from his hand, earning an eye roll from the demon, and pulled out a small bag of AB Negative blood. "What, are you knocking over blood banks?" Sam asked in disbelief. He grabbed Crowley's arm as Dean swung a chair around. Eliza pulled out a pair of demonic handcuffs, securing one around his wrist before cuffing him to the chair that Dean shoved him down into.

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