Chapter 3: 9.11.3: First Born

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"Sam, may I ask you a question?" Castiel asked as he and Sam made their way down the stairs. Eliza had disappeared somewhere in the Bunker but neither Sam nor Cas cared enough to look for her.

"You just did," Sam replied jokingly.

"Can I ask you another question?"

"Well, technically, you — yeah, go ahead. What's up?" They stopped in the doorway to a hall and faced each other. Cas sighed.

"Sam, the trials. You chose not to go through with them for a reason, didn't you? You chose to live rather than to sacrifice yourself. You and Dean... You chose each other."

"Aww, how cute," Eliza cooed mockingly as she returned from her little adventure. Sam rolled his eyes and it was clear that he didn't want to talk about the Trials. Not only did they mess him up, they killed Libby.

"Yeah, I did. We did. And then... Dean made a choice for me." Sam stalked off to the medical room, Castiel following right behind him. Eliza crossed her arms over her chest and decided to join them. She hadn't yet found what she was searching for but she knew it was somewhere in the Bunker. She had all night to look for it.

"What Dean did—"

"It doesn't matter what Dean did. Look, I could have put a stop to all this, Cas. I could have closed the gates of hell," Sam argued.

"Oh, Sam."

"Dean's gone, okay? This is on me now, and if I can find Gadreel... I can fix this." Sam set a metal box down on a table next to a blue gurney. Eliza watched with raised eyebrows as he slipped off his plaid button-up, setting it on the table where the box was. Her gaze drifted to his arms. She could definitely say that that was one thing she had missed when merged with Libby. "Now...being a human means settling your debts." Sam handed the box to Cas and sat down on the gurney. "Let's start balancing the books." Cas opened up the box and pulled out the syringe, eyeing it warily before looking up at the Hunter.

Eliza knew that Castiel may not be able to go through with all of it and get all of the Grace left. As much as she didn't want to, she knew there was a point where she'd have to take over. The angel had gone soft for the Winchesters. It was his weakness for even the smallest things.

Cas turned Sam's head to the side to give him room for the needle. The angel pushed it in, Sam cringing and gritting his teeth in pain. "Now comes the part that will actually hurt. I'm gonna begin the extraction." Sam's breathing was heavy and he constantly glanced between Cas and Eliza. Eliza stood off to the side, watching with interest.

"Is it working?" Sam gasped out. Cas sighed.

"Yeah." Sam noticed his hesitation, as did Eliza.

"But?" Eliza pressed, taking a step towards them. Sam reached out and gripped her hand, catching her off guard and making her jump slightly. He never noticed. She understood the pain he was going through so she let it happen.

"I-I need to push the needle in deeper. We need more Grace in order to cast the spell." Sam sucked in a sharp breath, keeping himself from nodding.

"Okay. Do it."

"Sam, if I get too close to—"

"Damn it, Cas! Just do it," Eliza and Sam snapped at the same time. Castiel slowly pushed the needle in deeper and started to extract more Grace. Sam's body jumped, flashbacks of his time as Gadreel flooding his mind. His grip on Eliza's hand became tighter and she swore that he was cutting off circulation. Castiel pulled out the needle, Sam gasping for breath. His free hand shot up to his neck, clutching the spot where the needle was inserted.

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