Chapter 10: 9.16.1 Blade Runners

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It was a Monday morning, six a.m. with the sun up and shining. Most people were up for work, others getting ready for school, and some going out for a run. Sam Winchester was part of the ones up to exercise. He had just come back, the Bunker door slamming shut behind him, and looked around with furrowed eyebrows. He didn't hear any shuffling in the kitchen or any coffee pouring. In fact, there was no aroma of food or coffee wafting through the Bunker.

He jogged down the stairs, running a hand through his brown locks as he made his way into Dean's hallway and bedroom. He pushed open the door to see his older brother still curled up on his bed, sleeping peacefully for the first time in weeks. Closing the door, Sam walked to Eliza's room.

The door was wide open, the lamp next to her desk still on illuminating the room. He found her bed empty, the sheets and blankets still made with the pillows resting against the headboard. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, stepping in further to see her sitting at her desk. Her head was resting on an open book, a notebook under her hand with the pen next to it. There were notes scrawled out all over the paper in her cursive handwriting, the blue ink seeming to have run out towards the end. Her blonde hair, which was tied up into a ponytail, covered half of the notes, leaving them illegible.

Sam smiled slightly at her sleeping figure, never seeing Eliza so peaceful before. She had always been the violence-thirsty demon since she first arrived at the Bunker, the only thing coming out of her mouth being sexual innuendos or sarcastic remarks.

Eliza's eyebrows furrowed slightly before she moved her hand as if shifting around in her sleep. Sam watched in confusion and before he could even blink he was looking down the barrel of a gun, Eliza now wide awake. His hands flew up and his eyes widened, the Hunter taking a step back. She had moved faster than he realized she could.

Eliza rolled her eyes and lowered the gun, setting it on the desk. "Dammit, Sam. I thought you were Nadia or Gadreel," she muttered, getting up and stretching her arms and legs. Sam rose an eyebrow.

"You thought a gun would stop them?" he questioned, an amused smile on his lips. She just scoffed, shaking her head.

"No, but it'd slow them down or distract them long enough for me to get my sword," she replied, walking over to her closet and pulling a tank top on over her black sports bra. Sam eyed her as she walked, the leggings and tank top outlining her every curve. He had missed her body, but this wasn't Libby. It wasn't his Libby. "Why are you up so early anyways?" She rubbed her eyes and yawned, reaching back and tightening her ponytail.

"I was out for a run," he replied, gesturing to his muscle tank and basketball shorts. Eliza eyed his figure, licking her lips, before turning away. Sam cleared his throat awkwardly, unsure of what to say. They had gotten along well on their case with Kevin, but they hadn't talked since then. It had been two days and no one seemed to talk with Eliza. She stayed holed up in her room hunched over lore books, only coming out when she needed another. "So what were you researching?"

"Huh?" She spun back around to see Sam waiting for an answer, his gaze drifting over to the book and notes on the desk. "Oh." She cleared her throat and walked over, picking up the notebook and handing it to him. "Nadia and Gadreel. Nothing on Nadia, but a bit on Gadreel."

"Oh yeah?" Sam questioned, still skimming through the notes. Eliza crossed her arms over her chest.

"Yeah. It also mentions me in it." Sam's gaze lifted up, staring at her in shock. "I'm not referred to by name, but it does mention a 'perky redheaded daughter of an Archangel.' Sam, I'm not supposed to be in any type of document relating to the supernatural world. It's a risk for the whole universe."

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