Chapter 6: 9.12.3: Sharp Teeth

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The Impala rolled up just outside of a farmhouse and came to a stop, Eliza and Dean getting out of the car. Sam had suggested that the demon tag along in the chance that the pack attacked Dean and he needed backup. Who was better than God's Warrior herself?

Dean's phone rang as he opened the trunk, answering it while loading up on silver weapons.

"You there?" Sam asked, the younger Hunter outside of the police station. Dean nodded, glancing around.

"Yeah, just pulled up. Nothing too sketchy yet."

"That's a good thing, right?" Sam inquired. Dean nodded his head to the side, slamming the trunk shut.

"Not betting on it," Dean replied with a slight scoff. He glanced over at Eliza out of the corner of his eye, watching the blonde cautiously. He still didn't trust her despite what Sam told him.

"Or are we just that jaded? I mean, maybe Garth's right," Sam Winchester defended. Eliza chuckled, letting Dean know that she could hear their conversation. He rolled his eyes at her and shook his head.

"Well, ain't you a glass half full. Any luck with the cops?"

"Uh, sheriff should be rolling up any second. Be careful."

"Yeah," Dean grunted, hanging up as he and the demon approached the house. They both stopped at the sound of a choir singing. Dean ducked behind the bushes and Eliza stared up at the front door in disgust. She already didn't like the pack and she'd only met two of the wolves so far. She and Dean exchanged glances before making their way up the steps, Eliza knocking on the door.

"Really? This is the pack that Garth joined?" Eliza asked quietly. Dean snorted in agreement, his gaze shifting over to the front door as it opened to reveal an older blonde woman with greying hair. She grinned at the sight of the Hunter.

"You must be Dean. I'm Joy, Garth's mother-in-law. Uh, stepmother-in-law, which I always thought

sounded so silly. Please, come in. We're just finishing up." Joy looked over to the blonde standing next to him, staring back at her with a single arched eyebrow. Joy gulped and stared at her uncomfortably. "Elizabeth...Garth told us he knew you."

"Can't say the same for you," she muttered under her breath, earning a nudge from Dean. Joy forced a smile on her lips.

"Just because your parents are evil doesn't mean you are," Joy told her. Eliza's grip on her Sword tightened.

"I wouldn't talk about them if I were you," she growled. Dean shot her glare before looking back to Joy uncomfortably.

"Why don't you just tell Garth I'm here?" he told her rather rudely. Joy smiled at him.

"Dean, you have my word — you're safe under my roof. I only ask the same in return. After all...I'm not the one carrying silver," she told him. Dean nodded and eyed the doorway before stepping in. Eliza stayed on the front porch, shifting her weight between her legs uncomfortably. "Elizabeth, you're welcome in, too."

"By the way you reacted at my arrival, I doubt it," she replied. Eliza didn't sound rude. In fact, she sounded rather hurt or disappointed. It was an emotion that Dean hadn't yet seen her express. Joy's eyes flashed pity, but she quickly covered it up before Eliza could catch it.

"You're under mine and Garth's protection here, Elizabeth," Joy assured her. Eliza gave her a wary glance before reluctantly stepping into the house, glancing around as she entered the next room with Dean and Joy.

Eliza's gaze instantly landed on Garth in the corner accompanying the choir on the piano as Joy rejoined the rest of the group in their song. Eliza and Dean exchanged wide green-eyed glances, obviously not expecting this from a werewolf pack.

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