Heaven's Demon: Summary

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""No. No. I know that her soulmate changed. It's not—" Elizabeth placed a hand on his chest.

"But her soulmate isn't mine. We were split in two, Sam. Two Elizabeths, two soulmates."

"Ironic if you think about it," Nadia chimed in. Sam glanced up at Heaven's Demon, as did Dean and Cas. "Lucifer's vessel with a demon and Michael's vessel with an Archangel. I guess the saying 'Opposites attract' is wrong after all. Goodbye, Dean, Sam. I hope you ended on good terms with Libby because you're never going to see her again.""

Hell's Angel is dead, but now a new threat has arisen. With an Angel of Hell comes a Demon of Heaven.

Nadia isn't who everyone says she is. Believed to be an angel that just happened to fall in love with Lucifer, it is revealed that she is, in fact, Heaven's Demon.

With the intention of taking the thrones of both Heaven and Hell, Nadia used Libby's demon half, Eliza, to get that power. Or at least she tried to.

Realizing what her mother was truly doing, Eliza set off to team up with the Winchesters and Castiel and search for a way to end Gadreel and Nadia, and bring Libby home so that they could re-merge into Libby Wilson. There's just one problem with that.

With two halves of Libby comes two different soulmates. Eliza is connected to Sam just as she was before The Fall. She doesn't want to let their relationship go with the chance of never getting it back, but she also doesn't want to let Humanity and Team Free Will down. Even as a demon, Eliza shows her love and loyalty to the humans that she has expressed for millenniums.

Can she push past her feelings and help bring Libby home, or will she give into her darkness and let her go along with the safety of the world?

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