Chapter 5: 9.12.2: Sharp Teeth

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Sam and Eliza, decked out in their FBI gear, approached the receptionist's desk at Grantsburg Memorial Hospital. They both flashed their badges and a warm smile.

"Afternoon. I'm looking for a John Doe that was admitted here a few days ago. He's a, uh... skinny...Ichabod Crane-looking kind of guy," Sam descripted. The receptionist smiled and nodded.

"I know just who you mean. Room one-one-three, agents," she replied. Eliza grinned at her.

"Alright, thanks."

"Sure is a popular fella," the woman muttered to herself, returning to work. Sam and Eliza exchanged confused glances before shaking it off, continuing on to Garth's hospital room. Sam pushed open the door and walked in, shooting Dean an annoyed look and gesturing behind his back for Eliza to hide. She peeked in and her eyes widened, obeying and taking a step back. Dean returned Sam's expression with a glare and there was a long silence before one of them spoke up.

Sam sighed and said, "Saw Garth's John Doe on the police wire. You?" Dean nodded. Unlike Sam he was dressed normally, a syringe hidden behind his back.

"Yeah. Where you comin' from?"

"New Mexico," Sam replied, quickly glancing out the window of the door to see Eliza peeking in. He shot her a glare and she recoiled back in hiding.

"Well, that's a haul." Sam nodded in agreement to his brother. "Especially considering that I got this, uh... pretty much covered, so if you want to..." Dean clicked his tongue and motioned to the door, but a lock of straight blonde hair caught his eye. He could feel a new familiar power radiating into the room, and it definitely wasn't coming from Sam or Garth.

"You spoken to him yet?" Sam asked, ignoring Dean's gesture.

"No. Assload of painkillers. He's been out since I got here," Dean replied, obviously annoyed that his little brother was still there. Sam furrowed his eyebrows, noticing that Garth was handcuffed to the bed. He tugged on the cuffs slightly.

"What's he being charged with?"

"Killing a cow."

"Why?" Dean shrugged.

"I was about to see if I could find out. Lock the door." Sam moved to lock the door when it suddenly opened, Eliza stumbling into the room with her hands up, her back to the Hunters.

"Jesus Christ. I'll go in, you bitch," she muttered, walking backwards and mumbling out a string of curse words. Sam raised an eyebrow at her as he locked the door, waiting for an explanation. She scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Apparently I was 'loitering'," she told him, air-quoting the last word. Sam turned around, shaking his head, just as Dean pulled out the syringe behind his back. Sam's eyes widened.

"Whoa. Hey. What is that? Adrenaline?" Sam questioned.

"Yes, sir," Dean replied, flicking it.

"You trying to jump-start him or kill him?" Dean looked up, his glare locked on Sam. Eliza was still turned around, facing the door and Sam.

"I want some answers. He walked out on Kevin and Libby. He walked out on us. So if you got a better idea..." The blonde rolled her eyes and walked over, shoving Sam out of the way and slapping Garth in the face. Garth shot up from his position, screaming with wide eyes. Dean's eyes were also wide, but it was because he was staring at a blonde Libby.

"Dean? Sam? What is this? A hospital? Wait. Am I in Heaven?" Garth questioned, glancing between the two Hunters. He looked to Eliza and cringed. "Why are you blonde?" She rolled her green eyes and reached out to slap him again when Sam caught her wrist, glaring at her. Dean's gaze fell on the Mark of Cain on her arm.

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