Chapter 7: 9.12.4: Sharp Teeth

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"Dean, get something to cover your scent. I'll go in the barn," Eliza ordered, unsheathing her Sword as she slammed the door to the Impala. Dean stared at her as if she were crazy. "Nothing is strong enough to cover the scent of the original family. Now go!" He glanced at her reluctantly before nodding, racing towards where they knew Russ and Joba would be. Eliza ran towards the barn, desperate to save Sam and get the hell out of there.

She pressed herself up against the outside of the barn, listening in. She could hear Garth desperately trying to escape his chains, trying to channel his inner wolf for strength. But it was no use. The silver chains would always win against a werewolf. Joy continued to ramble on about her plan of framing the murders of Bess and Garth on Eliza, Dean, and Sam, thinking that her plan would go as smoothly as possible. But when Eliza heard Dean enter the barn from the other side, dressed in Russ' jacket, she knew that it would all go to Hell soon.

Joba jumped down from the beams, tackling Dean to the ground. They seemed to roll around in the hay for a few moments before Dean pulled a silver blade from the back waistband of his jeans, plunging it through Joba's chest. Joy's claws formed and her fangs emerged, her breathing turning into a heavy pant.

"Wearing Russ' coat to hide your scent — smart."

"Oh, I'm full of surprises," Dean told her.

"As am I." Both Dean and Joy lunged for their guns, Joy up and ready to pull the trigger when Eliza drove her Sword through Joy's chest. The werewolf gasped and the gun slipped from her grasp, tumbling to the barn floor. Eliza let out a heavy breath as she yanked the Sword from Joy's body, the corpse collapsing to the ground.

"Oh, I've been itchin' to kill something for a long time," Eliza said, staring down at the body on the ground. Dean stared at her, impressed, while Sam watched her with wide eyes. Eliza didn't understand why he was staring at her like that before she caught her reflection in part of the tractor and realized that her irises were black. They flickered back to normal and she started to approach Sam to untie him when he flinched away. "Sam—"

"No." She frowned but nodded, stepping back and letting Dean untie his brother. "No. I should've known that you were still the demon that you were with Nadia. Nothing can change that." Sam shook out his wrists as Dean stepped away, helping his little brother up from the ground before going over to Bess.

"Sam, just let me explain," Eliza pleaded. Sam furrowed his eyebrows, tilting his head to the side slightly.

"What is there to explain, Eliza? You enjoy killing and that's that. There's nothing to explain. It's in your nature." She walked towards him and grabbed his wrist, staring up into his eyes. Sam didn't try to pull away. Not just yet.

"No. It's not in my nature. It's who my parents want me to be and I can change that. Please, just give me a chance. Just one. I can change, Sam, I promise. You want me to be like Libby? I can be like Libby. Just tell me what you want and I'll do it," she pleaded. Dean and Garth watched with interest as Eliza begged and pleaded with the younger Winchester. They weren't sure why she was so desperate to stay with him. She was only in everything for herself, or at least they thought she was.

Sam scoffed, shaking his head and glancing away for a moment.

"And why would I want you to replace Libby? She's actually good. She's worth the fight. Dean and I love her and the last thing we want is for some—some worthless demon pretending to be her. I think we can find Libby and Gadreel without your help. It's better if you go," Sam sneered, yanking his wrist out of her grasp. Eliza watched as he walked over to Garth to release him from his bonds, her mouth parted slightly in shock. Garth could clearly see the hurt in her eyes from Sam's words.

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