Chapter 16

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Tris POV:

I smell blood. Lots of blood. Where is all this blood coming from? I sprint downstairs and out the door. I see someone on the ground. I go to them. Blood is all I see around them. My heart rate is up. Thumping in my chest so loud that's all I hear. I come up to the person. Instantly tears stream down my face and I have trouble breathing.

"CHRISTINA" I yell as I sprint closer to her trying to shake her awake. I look over and next to her I see Will.

"No" I go over to him. Then I see Shauna. Tears keep streaming down may face as sobs rack my body.

"Please no" I crawl over to her still crying. I don't see her breathing. Marlene is next to her and she isn't breathing either.

I look and see someone holding Marlene's hand. Uriah.


"PLEASE WAKE UP" I scream as I violently shake his body. That's when I notice Zeke. I start to cry even harder and I can't breath.

Where's Four?

"FOUR!" I yell for him.

"Tris" I barely hear. I stand up and I see him farther away. I sprint to him as fast as I can.

I get to him and fall to the ground.

"Tobias please stay with me" I say trying to stroke his hair. It's to late as I see the eyes roll in the back of his head.

"TOBIAS! NO!PLEASE" I scream once again. Everyone I love is gone.

This is my fault.

This is my fault.

My eyes burst open with tears streaming down my face.

"Angel! You're ok! I'm right here! You're ok!" I hear Tobias say. I soon realize he was holding me.

"What happened Angel" he asks as he strokes my hair.

"They had gotten to you." I burst out crying grabbing onto his shirt.

"Shh it's ok. I am ok" he says in my ear. I smell his scent to calm me down.

I keep getting these horrible nightmares. Nightmares that I fear will come true. Not one that is impossible like getting eaten by alive by rocks. No. These feel so real. My worst fears forming into these dreams. The truth is it could happen.

"I don't want to lose you" I say while my voice cracks.

"Tris you won't ever lose me. I'll always be here for you." He says grabbing my face to make me look at him.

I nod not trusting words to come out. He kisses me on my forehead and holds me.

Then it happens. The numb pain. The flick through the pack bond.

Someone just died again.

A gasp escapes my lips. Tobias grips me tighter while he mind links people.

Eventually his hold on me loosens up for me to be able to stand. I get my flip flops on and start to head out the door to find who is now dead.

Tobias comes and grabs my hand. Luckily I'm wearing a large t shirt that I borrowed from Tobias and shorts. My hair may be crazy but I don't care.

It's silent. No ones in the halls. No ones talking. Just silent. We make it outside and I find out the death happened on the other side of pack territory, straight across from the last death.

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