Chapter 9

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Tris POV:

We walk hand in hand through the forest. My curiosity is making this very hard for me to not ask a bunch of questions, but I keep them in and just enjoy the moment. Silence fills the air except our footsteps. It's comfortable really.

"You ready" Four says breaking the silence.

"Depends.. where are we going" I ask with a smirk.

"Right here" and he pulls some tree branches back and I stop dead in my track as my eyes land on a beautiful sight of nature.

We stand over water that is crashing down below us, causing a blur of rocks and water. If you would fall you would die. At least humans would. Werewolves, I don't know and I don't plan on finding out. It is really pretty. Beautiful really.

"You like it?" Four asks coming closer to me.

"Yes! It's gorgeous" I respond while turning and starring at it again.

"Not as gorgeous as you" he says getting closer to me with a smile. I giggle at the line. Cheesy, yes very cheesy, but it fit the moment and it caused a blush to form on my cheeks at him calling me gorgeous. He chuckles at me.

"Come on there's more" he grabs my hands and starts to pull me a little further.

As we walk he starts to pull me towards the ledge. Than I see a path that I didn't realize was there before, we start to head downwards. Still holding Fours hand he leads me down the path. I stare at awe how the water starts to come closer as we walk down below the cliff.

We get closer to the bottom when I see a blanket and a picnic basket. I gasp seeing the set up. It looks wonderful. I smile looking at Four.

"You didn't have to do this" I say grabbing him in a hug.

"I know I didn't have to, but I wanted to" he says back. I laugh in his embrace and start smelling his sweet smell.

"Let's go eat shall we" Four says and I nod my head. We make our way over to the blanket and  sit down. I look up and realize there is a clearing through the trees so you can see the sky.

This just couldn't get better. That is until I see Four pull out a big cheese burger and chocolate  covered strawberries. How did he know?

"This is your favorite right?.... I mean I took a risk to trust your brothers.. I know they can be pranksters and ever-" I cut him off by kissing his cheek.

"Yes these are my favorite. Thank you" I smile.

"Ok. Well let's eat." And he hands me a burger.

We eat and talk through the meal. This is the best day I could have asked for. I am here with my wonderful mate and he made a date of my favorite food and the most beautiful place.

"So how did you find this place?" I ask my curiosity getting the best of me.

"Well a lot of people from the pack know the water is here, but only you, me, Zeke and Uriah know the path that leads down" he responds.

"Wow.. it's beautiful" I say looking up at the sky. I lay down and look at the stars. I hear movement and rustling than Four is laying right next to me.

"Yeah, I always came here to think. Now you can come to" he says putting his arm around me and pulling my close. I rest my head on his shoulder looking at the sky.

After a little while I feel him starring at me so I look up. His eyes meet mine. His deep blue eyes look darker with the shading from the moonlight.

"Why are you starring at me" I ask feeling abbot self conscious.

"Because your beautiful" he says simply. I blush and look away.

I feel his hand under my chin lifting it up creating sparks from underneath his touch. Our eyes meet and before I know it, someone or both of us are leaving in. The space between our lips are less than an inch. Then they touch and electricity spreads through my body. Luckily I am laying down because if I wasn't I would have fallen from my knees being weak. We kiss for what like hours but was only a few seconds until we needed to breath. I know in that moment I want to be his forever and I want him to be mine forever.  I make a quick decision with the help of my wolf to push me.

"Four, mark me"

"Tobias" he says.


"My real name is Tobias. I wanted you to know that just don't tell anyone" I smile and look into his eyes nodding.

"Tobias. Mark me" I say using his real name. It feels good rolling of my tongue.

"Are you sure Angel" he asks concern laced in his voice.

"Yes" I respond confidently.

"Ok" and he starts kissing me. Than he goes down to my next trying to find my sweet spot.

Once his lips land on a certain part right next to the bottom of my neck on my shoulder a moan slips out of my mouth. I didn't mean for it to happen it just came out.

I can feel him smile against my skin before he kisses it one more time. Than his canines come out and quickly he sinks them into my skin. Pain rushed through my body as his canines cut open the skin. Then after a few seconds of trying not to scream from pain an imaginable sensation runs through my body. I say as sparks envelope me in a hug. Fou- Tobias retracts his canines and starts to lick the area to clean it. Sparks fly each time he touches the spot. He stops and looks at me with so much.. love in his eyes. I smile in return.

"Now it's your turn" he says in a deep voice. I nod my head and start doing what he did to me. I hear a slight moan come out of his mouth the same place mine was. I smile and let my canines come out. I quickly sink them in his skin and keep them there for a little to make sure it wouldn't heal. I lick the spot to clean it and I sit back down. He comes up and sits next to me.

"Now we can officially say you are the Luna" he says in his deep voice hugging me.

We actually started the mating process. I smile knowing he is my mate and every girl will know it. We stay like that. Just thinking while he is hugging me.

"It's getting late. I think we should head back" he says. I nod and we get up. We just leave the picnic stuff there figuring we will get it later.

We walk back in silence. The thoughts of what happened still play in my mind. I know I love him. We marked each other. He is mine and I am his. I can already feel the mate bond forming. But tomorrow I will feel his emotions. I can mind link him.

I will be a Luna.

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