Chapter 6

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Four POV:

The forest blurs into greens and browns as we sprint passed every tree making a splurge of colors. My beautiful mate is in my arms unconscious and I am terrified. I can't lose her. I just found her and she is perfect. I can't lose her.

I hear the others sprinting behind me but I focus on runner as hard as I can. I let my wolf take a bit of control so I can run faster. I look down at Tris and her eyes are still closed. My heart breaks at knowing she is hurt and I can't do anything.

After what feels like forever I finally see the clearing of the pack house. I mind link the the best pack doctor.

I'm bringing in my mate. She is hurt. Get ready and help her.

Ok Alpha.

With that I run faster and burst through the doors and run right to the pack hospital. I see Dr. Reynold right away and go over to him.

"Help her" I say with a deadly tone.

"Alpha calm down please. I will do everything I can" he says as people bring over a gurney (is that even the right word?? Idk). 

I gently place Tris on top and they start to roll her away. I start to follow until I feel a hand on my chest instantly making me growl.

"Alpha I'm sorry but you have to stay here and let us do our job to help her" Dr. Reynold pushes. I sigh knowing it's true and go over to sit down on the waiting chair.

I rest my hands on my face trying not to lose it.  This is killing me knowing she is hurt and I can't do anything about it. This is my fault. If I didn't let her run on her own or I ran with her this would have never happened. She is strong, but three against one is just unfair. I've known her for less than a day and I love her with all my being. The mate bond between each other is very strong since I'm and Alpha and she is a Luna. This making it hurt 10x worse than for regular mates.

"Four it will be ok" I look up and see Zeke looking at me. I growl. How would he know.

"What if it's not. It's not your mate in there!" I snap.

"Yeah, but it's my sister and I love her just like you do!" He fires back. I sigh and put my head down. I hear him come over to me and I feel his hand on my shoulder.

"Tris is strong, probably stronger than a lot of us. Whatever it is she will be fine"  

I nod stilling looking down. I am her mate. I am responsible for protecting her. She is in there because of me.

About an hour later I hear Dr. Reynolds coming over. I whip my head over to him and stand up.

"Alpha. She is fine. Her head took a hit and she has a minor concussion, but she passed out on how strand her body was and the beating to her legs and shoulder. They already healed but her head will take a little longer" he says. I breath out a breath I didn't know I was holding. She's ok. She's ok!

"She is up asking for you" he says. I nod and quickly running over.

"Her room is 46 by the way!" he yells.

I go right over to 46 and quietly open the door. Sitting in the bed is my beautiful mate. Her hair lays at her sides and she is looking at the ceiling laying down. When she hears me come in her head snaps to where I am and a small smile forming at her lips. I rush over to her taking a seat in the chair beside her.

"Hey" she says grabbing my hand. I smile hearing her voice.

"Hey beautiful" I respond while stroking her hair.

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