Chapter 13

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Tris POV:

I finally make it to Four's office. I open the door to see him pacing back and forth through the room. He lifts his head up and our eyes meet, his are filled with anger. Just great.

I shut the door and step through cautiously. Why is he angry?

"Tris. I couldn't find you" he say with a low voice. He sighs and continues

"Why didn't you tell me you were with Andy and Rachel" his voice getting louder.

"I didn't think it was that big of a deal." I respond with a shrug. He is lecturing me like I am his kid. I can go where ever I want to go.

"After what just happened! You are not to leave this building!" He yells. Is he kidding? Who is he to tell me what I can and can't do! Yes! I just got threatened but I can take care of myself.

"You can't do that! I can take care of myself Four" I use his nickname against him remembering  I now know his real name. His brows draw together showing more anger.

"You will follow my orders!" His voice is booming through out the room, I can feel him trying to use his Alpha command on me. I shake my head. Angry tears start to find there way in my eyes.

"We are equal! You can't tell me what to do and being Luna I need to be there for the pack!" My voice just as loud as his. I can't believe he is doing this.

"Tris. I want what is best for you" he says his face softening. I shake my head. No. He isn't getting off this easily.

"I will be in our room. Talk to me when you know you place" I sigh and walk to the door opening it. Before I leave I turn around and say one more thing.

"The threat was directed towards me. I am just as scared if not more than you are" I say looking at his face while a tear escapes from my eye falling down my cheek. I leave and go to our room.

He has no right to tell me I can't leave the building. As Luna I need to keep the pack calm and I can't do that if they know I am scared. Maybe he is protecting, but acting as if I am not his equal just crossed the line. I am his mate. He can't just yell at me like that.

Please just make up! Shei pouts.

No. He can't just do that.

He was trying to protect you!

I don't care Shei! He can't just think he can do that!

But he is sorry. She whimpers

Than let him say it to me.

His wolf isn't happy with him either. Shei adds.

I don't care. He had no right.


I cut of the connection. No. She won't persuade me. He isn't getting away with this.

I go to the bathroom and get ready, changing into my pajamas. I go in the bed and close my eyes.

You hand her over and no one will get hurt

She is special

To bad you won't have her for long

I just want her

The words from the letter swim in my head. Tears start to form in my eyes and this time I let them fall, no one can see me. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe this was just a dream. Or maybe this is all real and terrible things are going to happen.

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