Chapter 15

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Tris POV:

I look at Tobias. His eyes are glassy meaning he is mind-linking. My eyes on the other hand are wide. Through the pack link I can feel everyone's sadness, everyone's shock, everyone's anger.

I get up and run out of the door. I need to see what happened. Who it was. I hear Tobias running behind me calling my name, but I just keep running.

Tobias catches up to me and grabs onto me.

"Tris! You can't go running out there to see what happened. They could just be waiting for you to capture you" He says his eyes frantically looking over my face and the area.

"I don't care!" I respond with all the emotions swirled into the words.

"I need to go" I say again when he doesn't respond. He sighs and looks into my eyes.

"Fine.. but you stay next to me the whole time"He responds back cupping my face with his hand. I automatically lean into his touch. I nod.

He takes my hand and walks to the forest where there is a group already forming.

Everyone sees us coming and makes a path to the person that I see laying on the ground.

I see a really old women laying on the ground with blood surrounding her. My stomach is doing flips as I get closer. Her eyes are closed and her grey hair lays on the floor while blood starts to make the hair look red.

"MOTHER!" I hear someone scream.

A middle aged women burst through the crowd falling right next to her the old women. Tears fall out of her eyes like a waterfall.

I can start to feel my eyes prickle with tears. I start to blink rapidly trying to contain them.

"Send out the trackers" Tobias yells through the crowd. Everyone is silent as men turn to wolves smelling around.

I look at everyone around here and many emotions fill there faces. Some show sorrow, some show fear, and a lot show anger.

This is my fault. This person is after me and I am to busy sitting on the couch. A person from my pack just died because of me. I am the reason that she is dead. I am the reason a daughter is crying over her mother.

Maybe I should turn myself in.

"Tris you will not turn yourself in! What are you thinking!" I feel Tobias spin me around to face him. I said that out loud. Of course I said that out loud. I really need to stop doing that.

"I-well-but-" I stutter trying to find the words to put it together.

"Tris! You are Luna if you go I won't be able to live and the pack will fall" Tobias continues with a sigh.

"But it's my fault she died. If I go no one else will die" I say tears no freely falling down my cheek, but I don't break eye contact with Tobias's deep blue eyes.

"No one wants you to leave" Tobias says looking around.

I look around to and every one shows anger but they all are shaking there heads signaling that I can't leave.

"You are the best Luna." Someone says.

"My mom wouldn't have wanted you to leave" I hear. I look over and the daughter is now standing up shaking her head.

"She loved you as our Luna already" she sniffles.

Tears start to fall harder.

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